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The Concept Thunderbird
in 3-D

If you're new to viewing stereos, stick with just one method
for now so your brain has time to adjust.  "Parallel" viewing is
easier but quality is not as good because photos need to be
smaller. " X-eyed" allows you to view  better quality images.
Below are some of the photos you will find on the stereo view pages.

Click on Instructions to learn how to view.

Click on the "Parallel" for parallel viewing
Click on the "X-eyed" for x-eyed viewing

On Concours Day

still looking for old file
A closer look at the front full view from front full view from rear

Paired with the Real Cars

view with my car view with "Tweetie Bird"

Concept T-bird Concept T-bird in 3-D
Museum Tour in 3-D The Cars in 3-D

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