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02 T-bird Ad Cars
Our 2002 in Thunderbird Blue with Performance White Top
Parallel Stereo Photos
( 3-D )

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Pacific Coast Roadster -  May, 2004
Madison, Mississippi
Another view of the Ford special edition Pacific Coast Roadster 2004 Thunderbird
13 of 14 colors available on the 2002-2004 Ford Thunderbird,
Back Row: 007 coral; platinum silver, Thunderbird Blue; PCR Monterey Mist
Middle Row: Mtn. Shadow Grey; Merlot; Inspiration Yellow; Whisper White; Neiman Marcus; Torch Red
Front Row: Evening Black; Vintage Mint Green; Desert Sky Blue
missing is the Light Ice Blue
Photo taken at "Thunder Isle" - a TBN event
Lake Lanier, Georgia,  May 22, 2004
Thunderbird Blue 1955 Ford Thunderbird
at the 2004 CTCI Miami convention
Thunderbird Bronze 1957 Ford Thunderbird
at Roadside rest area.
Photo taken May 2004
Torch Red 2002 Ford thunderbird
Photo taken May 2004 in Miami
Torch Red 2003 Ford Thunderbird
Photo taken May 2004 in Miami
Key West Southern Most Point
May 2004
Willow Green 1957 Ford Thunderbird with custom color soft top
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