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02 T-bird Ad Car

Parallel Stereo Photos
( 3-D )

.Click on any of the photos below to view them with the X-eyed method:
Photo taken in Texas, February 2004.
x-eyed image is 125K
Photo taken at the Quil Ceda Village, Tulalip Casino near Marysville, Washington, January 2004
Photo taken February 2004 in the DFW area of Texas
Above photo taken at the New Jersey CTCI convention in June 2002.
Above Photo taken on the Talimena Scenic Drive (Hwy 88) at the
Pioneer Cemetary historical site in Arkansas, March 7, 2004

Photo taken March 7, 2004 at roadside park on Hwy 7 in Arkansas


Photo taken at dam outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas March 6, 2004
Photo taken on Lake Lanier, May 21, 2004
Our car's 2nd birthday - released from factory on May 21, 2002
Page 3 Stereo
How to take stereo photos with a single lens camera:  (These are simple directions).  Set up your shot, noting position of your main object in the view finder. Take 1st picture  Step sideways 4 to 6 inches and line up main object at the same level as in the previous shot.  Take 2nd picture.  Like I said, those are simple directions.  You can be more scientific about positioning, use a tripod, set up a camera slide, etc...

More hints

  • Using a film camera - Vertical shots  work best for parallel viewing when developed as a 4x6 print or smaller.
  • For x-eyed viewing, it doesn't matter whether vertical or horizontal.
  • Remember that the "right" side shot will be on the right and left on left for parallel viewing.
  • For x-eyed viewing, switch position of prints so that right print is left of the left print.
  • Digital camera and a good graphics program is all you need to make your // and X-eyed sets.
  • Parallel sets should be no wider than 8 inches at 72dpi
  • X-eyed sets can be up to screen width at 72dpi.
  • Having an object up close and off to the side of the subject, gives more depth - note tree limbs on right side in the snow picture above


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