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Our 2002 in Thunderbird Blue with Performance White Top


Mt. Rainier on a rainy day.
 You definitely can not see the top.
July 16, 1989

Joshua Tree
taken sometime in the mid-50's by my Mother, Nancy; who taught me how to take 3-D photos with a single lens camera.

144 dpi
July 2, 1989


My mother took this shot of her cat, Smoky, in Aug. of 1939
She had the use of a stereo camera at the time;
about the only way this'll work when you're shooting a live subject

175 pixels width
June 29, 1988

She loved the books by Cowboy author/artist Will James, so
I assume the cat was named after the horse in her favorite book, Smoky.


Just Clouds, 
this is more impressive when viewed in a stereoscope.
Clouds work when you have several different levels of clouds to work with.  Low ones that are closer will pop out better and help give the illusion of depth in the photo.  Remember that you'll have to step a couple feet apart for the two shots.  Try not to do it on a windy day  - the clouds just move too fast. 
circa 1939
by NJB


A scene in Connecticut
taken in the '30's by NOJ

by NJB


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