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1956 Thunderbird Diecast Models
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Distinctive characteristics for a 1956 T-bird:   Front Fender vents;   tail fins rounded and inline with body lines; Straight  front bumper with bumperettes; dual exhaust with outlets at corners of rear bumper... Wind wings, sun visors; Continental kit set  into body hugging rear bumper. Hardtop is with or without portholes. 
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Listings are in alphabetical order by brand or manufacturer. Listings cover diecasts, plastic molds, sand casts, etc...~ any 3-Dimensional 1956 Thunderbird that rolls or appears to roll whether made to be decorative, as a toy, or for the collector. 
Model Kits are on a separate page.
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* Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.
Brand / Country
Year released
Name  / Model # 
Oxford Diecast
(Oxford Automobile 
Company) / China

2013 1956 Ford Thunderbird / #87th56001 1/87 Coral Sand (it is not the pink like the 56 color sunset coral)  White hardtop.  Definitely a diecast.  clear plastic windows.  coral interior; white wall tires; grey painted bumpers and wheels. wheel style: 56 hubcap simulation; front & back white with black lettering license plates:241-110, 19 56
2013 1956 Ford Thunderbird / #87th56002 1/87 Peacock Blue with white porthole hardtop; 
License plate reads SXU 514, black on yellow plate, (can't read the rest).
2014 1956 Ford Thunderbird / #87th56003 1/87 Thunderbird Green (sage as many call it) with white porthole hardtop; License plate reads 533 641, Yellow on black plate, (can't read the rest).
2014 1956 Ford Thunderbird / #87th56004 1/87 Fiesta Red; with white porthole hardtop; 
License plate reads B-484 (or 8-484) White on Black plate, (can't read the rest).
2015 1956 Ford Thunderbird
1/87  Goldenglow Yellow with white porthole hardtop
2015 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird
1/87 Black with white porthole hardtop
Phoenix Toys . . see Unique Replicas below . .
Playing Mantis . . see Johnny Lightning .
PMI (Pewter Mint Inc.) / USA ? 1956 T-BIRD 5" Pewter; Porthole Hardtop; interior; solid windshield; base
Polonaise -  . . see Komozja . .
Praline / West Germany early 90's . #5200, 5201, 5202,
5203, 5204, 5205
1/84 Plastic; soft top; hardtop; conv.;click here for Micro article for details & pics
1992 . . 1/84 metallics: blue, gold, brown; as above
1993 See Micro article 1/84 Plastic; Pink w/white interior; white tires, chrome bumpers; conv. (see Busch models - new name for company)
P.Z.F. Manua / Brazil (ind Bras) early 
56 thunderbird 1/69 metallic - Thunderbird Bronze (57 color); white interior; black base, chrome bumpers & cont'l kit - copy of the ZEE  windracer
P.Z.F. actually stands for "Producido na Zona Franca"  translated to Product of Duty Free Manua.
Quality Replicas - Tin Toys / China . . . . see "Unique Replicas" below
Racing Champions / China 1989 . 1/63 Plastic; red w/ white top or white w/ red top; friction drive; squatty body similar to the Piezo lighters
Racing Champions / China 1996 - 1999 . various 1/58 Nicely detailed - See Racing Champion article for pictures and descriptions of individual models.
1999 Motor Trend Mint 24K Gold 1/58 24K gold-plated; packaged w/ black & gold Chevy Emblem - (what a cut!!); gold-plated model stand; 1 of 9999.
Radio Grill / China 1998 Classic 56 1/63 Plastic - orange w/red hard top; white wheels OR green w/white hartop and yellow wheels "pull-back" action - Walmart's Radio Grill snack bar promotional - (see Racing Champions 1989 above for close up of shape of model)
Rawcliff /  1992 . . 1/72
2 1/8"
Pewter on wood stand
199? . . 1/43 Pewter; hardtop; originally a Collector's Case model.
1993 . . 1/43 Pewter; topless
RC2 - Ertl / China 2005 American Muscle Ertl Collectibles series "Classic Muscle"  #37367 1/58 white with red interior; packaged with other cars including grey 57 Ford Ranchero
 Model used in the Racing Champions line from several years earlier; not to be confused with the Johnny Lightning models also produced by RC2
RC2 - China 2005 . Johnny Lightning 1/60 See Johnny Lightning entries (RC2= Racing Champions)
Redbox - see MotorMax . . . . .
Remco / China 1990 Remote Control 
1/43  teal (green) w/white non-porthole top; red wheels; blue remote control;
Revell / Hong Kong 1990 #8649 1/18 Black, doors & hoods open, front wheels turn with steering wheel, highly detailed black & white interior; chorme cont'l kit; chrome wire hubs; whitewall tires; no top


Revell /  China

1991 1956 "Golden Glow" T-Bird #8684 1/18 Yellow; black & white interior; no top; Eastwood catalog special
1992 . #819
1/18 Aqua Blue; aqua & white interior; screw mounted to a black base; no top;  Ford Motorsport catalog special
1992 . #8804 1/18 White; red & white interior; seat inserts white.  white wall tires.  - rare - (RR)
1992 (on box) . #8818 1/18 Black; highly detailed; black leather seats, fuzzy blk carpeting; white sunvisors; simulated wood instrument panel - detailed;blk & white door panels; black dash; no hardtop; mounted on black wood base; slide-out black box; made for German market 
1994 '56 Thunderbird "Pink Dream" #8817 1/18 Pink; brown & yellow interior; white sunvisors; pink porthole hardtop; QVC special
199? '56 Ford Thunderbird #8804 1/18 Pale Blue; Navy blue & dusk blue interior w/white sunvisors; no top
2000 . American Graffiti 1/25 Model Kit; diecast; White; ; in display box
2001 American Graffiti 1/25 white; white porthole hardtop; diecast carhop figure included
2004 American Dreams 1/25 Model Kit; aqua; white hardtop; in display box
2002 . 1956 Thunderbird 1/18 Black with black and white interior 
2002 . 1956 Thunderbird 1/18 Fiesta Red with black and white interior - this is a new color for Revell
2002 . 1956 Thunderbird 1/18 Yellow; black and white inteiror; looks almost identical to original issue other than top holes in rear deck are painted silver
2007? . 1956 Ford Thunderbird S-K Tools . Aqua; aqua & white inteior; white hardtop; S-K logo on doors; packed in white box with S-K logo.
Riking / China 1999 Mini Engine 2.75" 
Plastic; New colors; turquoise w/white top OR all-yellow OR  all-grn; 55/56 same model as the early '98 Radio Grill; free wheeling (no friction motor); in 3-pak
Rio / Italy 1990 #R4 1/43 yellow or aqua; conv.
1990 #R5 1/43 pink or red w/ white hardtop
1998 99? Daytona Racing 1956  SLO46/P 1/43 Red;white interior; red steering wheel with red steering box; cockpit cover with driver opening; scale race car driver, Chuck Daigh; no cont'l kit but has fender vents;w/ "Ford Thunderbird" on side; flat wheel covers. Driver windshiled only; on "pole position" stand; "firestone" tires; rounded headlight cover.
1998? 99? Ford Thunderbird 
Daytona Racing  #SLO53
1/43 White; black seats; white steering wheel; grey wheel covers; covered passenger comp; driver windshield only; doors open; no cont'l kit; white hubs; has fender vents; on "pole position" stand; black wall tires; rounded headlight cover;  Base stand with textured surface simulating sand; no emblem on nose
1998 99? Daytona Racing 1956 SLO49 1/43 Red; w/ "Ford Thunderbird" on side;no cont'l kit but has fender vents; no driver but the Chuck Daigh name is on driver's door. As I recall, cost less new than one with driver; on "pole position" stand; "Firestone" tires; red steering wheel with white steering box; rounded headlight cover; thunderbird emblem on nose
2002 Ford thunderbird Hardtop #R5 1/43 Black with black & white interior 
2011 Sept 1956 Ford Thunderbird Spider 4325 1/43 Peacock Blue with peacock blue and white interior; topless
, Light Blue.
2011 October . 1956 Ford Thunderbird 4328 1/43 Bright Yellow with white hardtop; yellow and white interior
Hard-top 1956; Giallo/Yellow
2012   Ford Thunderbird, Mille Miglia 4362 1/43 Red, See Rio 1955
2013  Ford Thunderbird Sebring 4371 1/43 Blue, See Rio 1955
Road Champs / China 1987 #9210 1/63 blue w/white stripes, red interior; black plastic removeable top & rear tonneau cover
1987 . 1/63 pink with graphics on hood and sides; white interior, no top
Monster Wheels #1144 1/63 blue w/white stripes OR bright yellow/green w/ white stripes, red interior; black plastic removeable rear tonneau cover, oversized wheels
1990 Monster Wheels #1140 1/63 Hot pink w/blue graphics, white interior; black tonneau; pink hubs; monster tires w/ raised black or white letters: "Road Champs"
Russ / Hong Kong 1980's 56 t-bird 1/84 eraser; convertible; red, green, blue or yellow; non-rolling
Brand / Country
Year released
Name / Model # 
Santa's Best / China 2009 1956 Thunderbird musical ornament 1/36 Plastic, Red; red and white interior; topless; Music Box activated by pressing button on trunk, plays "Fun, Fun, Fun"; comes with a wire hanger than can be removed.  dark red steering wheel.  License plate 1956.  Base is embossed with ©Santa's Best©, Made in China, 1956 Thunderbird, used under license.  There is also a paper tag with "Code 0609" and 8080001-3.  The box has codes 601 246 and MSP 2009 along with the bar code.
Schuco / China 2001 . 1956 Thunderbird Dream Car 1/24 black with white porthole hardtop; red & white interior (same mold as Crown Premiums)
2001 . 1956 Thunderbird Street Rod 1/24 yellow with red flames on side and hood, no cont'l kit; straight bumpers front & rear (same mold as Crown Premiums models).
Simms / USA 60's - 70's? . Thunderbird 1/25 plastic; yellow, red;  coral; w/white, black or brown top; almost identical to Korris Car mold (no prongs to hold motor)
SunToys / China 2010 . Ford Thunderbird 1/6? blue; porthole windows; NO continental kit; chrome wheels with chrome-wall tires
S.P. Toys Industrial Co., LTD 2005 Wreck'em Rods 1/25 Plastic, yellow; monster grey engine sticking out from hood; Package says car flies apart on impact.  It has a friction action.  Flamed decal on hood. 
Taco Bell / 1995 Desert Cruiser #2 3" Plastic; red w/rabbit driver; no top; rabbit driver & his seat comes out to reveal rabbit riding yellow snail; Kid's Meal giveaway; motm-04/00


Takara (Targa) / China

2004 56 Thunderbird Choro-Q 50mm
2 inches
  black with black hardtop; cream with gold hardtop; blue with white hardtop; yellow with grey hardtop; pink with white hardtop; matching body color continental kit; rear wheels larger than front wheels;  hardtop may be removeable; pull back action; comes in set of 5 in silver colored tin - available only in Japan; limited to 3500 sets.

Choro-Q Route 66 Thunderbird 1st Edition 1.75"
White with silver metallic hardtop(grey interior); black w/dark grey hardtop (brown interior); all silver metallic; pink with white hardtop(white interior); yellow with white hardtop; light blue with white hardtop (beige interior); removeable hardtop. Made for Japanese markets.  "ROUTE66" on license plates(black rear, red front). Pull back action (zippy little critters)
Choro-Q Route 66 Thunderbird - Collector's Edition 1.75"
Brown w/cream hardtop; black with flames on hood & dark grey hardtop; in Collectors edition grey tin with 2 Ford GTs and 2 new Mustangs.  All with RT 66 logo on hardtop and "ROUTE66" on license plates; pull back action.
2007 . Choro-Q Route 66 1.75"
black w/dark grey hardtop; pink w/white hardtop; lte blue w/white hardtop;  white with silver hardtop; All with Rt 66 logo on hardtop and ROUTE66 on license plates (pull back action)

Choro-Q Old Garage 1.75"
Red, or black, or blue "for Sale" tbirds, with "rough" paint and "For Sale" sign on windshield - exclusive to Japanese market. License plate: "OLD GARAGE"
T-N / Japan 1950's Marvelous Car . red w/white top, green cont'l kit
1950's . Thunderbird Speedster . red w/tin figure; driver door opens; battery operated; box shows '57 t-bird
Testors / China & USA 1991 . '56 For Thunderbird # 171 1:18 Model Kit; diecast; 
Testors/ China 1995 or '96 Romancing the Road / Aramis T'Bird 1:18 Red w/red & white interior; topless; red cont'l kit; whitewall tires; packaged w/ Aramis Cologne at Christmas time.
Testors / China 2003 Easy Builder 1956 Thunderbird
# 9690
1/43 Model Kit; diecast by NewRay
yellow with black & white seats; yellow con't kit - 
Blue with red & white seats 
Red with red & white seats
Tekno / Denmark ? 56 Thunderbird 4"
100mm (excluding rear bumper extension)
Green or Red w/white interior OR Red w/green interior OR yellow w/blue interior;  no fender vents, 55 style seats,  but wrapped rear bumper w/ cont'l kit
(this in not a Solido copy)
? 56 Thunderbird 4"
100mm (excluding rear bumper extension)
Red or green w/white interior & black hardtop; no fender vents; box; license plate "TA8001" (this is not a Solido copy)
Tempo Printing * / China 1992 New Motor Force #KR-14 2.5" Blue metallic; pink heart on top; circles on hood & top; no cont'l kit; black plastic bottom
1992 #KR-15 2.5 Blue metallic w/ yellow heart on top; as above
Thinkway Toys * / China 1990 . #90823 1/64 Color Change; white w/red & black racing stripes; "56", "international"
Tonka / China 2002 . Hot Rods 1/64 black with side graphics - in 5 pak;  same as  in single paks (#9) - Packed with  Mustang, Pickup, school bus, hot rod and '56 bird. - this is the same mold as the Maistomodel
Tootsie Toy / China 1980's Hard Body, American Dream series #1758 4 Aqua; body & cont'l kit molded in 1 piece; in set w/ 53 Cadillac & 57 Chevy
1988 HardBody #2952 4" yellow or Aqua; body & cont'l kit molded as one
Tootsie Toy (Strombecker Corp.)/ USA 1994 - 2004 56 t-bird 7" Plastic; Bright pink or dark blue; w/black plastic chassis; chrome wheels; green & pink decal on doors
1995 Cruise'N Hardbody 7" as above; packaged in black mesh bag w/2 other cars
1990s 56 Thunderbird 7" RED plastic; chrome front bumper, black rear bumper; red cont'l kit
Unique Replicas - Tin Toys / China 2002 1956 Thunderbird 1/24 white, red with white top, black with white top and yellow with white top; same mold as the Crown Premiums.
2002 1956 Thunderbird Street Rods 1/24 black, blue, purple or yellow with orange flames; no continental kit;  straight rear bumpers
? / Vietnam 2003 or 2004 Ford Thunderbird 1956 14" x 5" Wood, pieced &  handcarved; topless; rolls
2009 . Ford Thunderbird 1956 . Wood, pieced & handcarved, hardtop
Welly / China 1992 - #9014 5" purple or mint green or yellow w/ lightning graphic on sides & hood in blue, purple & white; Black plastic porthole hardtop; black cont'l kit; white interior friction drive; in blister pak;
1992 - 2005
#9014 5" dark pink w /graphics as above; black plastic tonneau cover.
Graphics have changed slightly over the years.  hood and trunk graphics removed.  marketed in "Fablulous Fifties" single paks. yellow model pictured w/pink model has had top interchanged with tonneau cover~ easy switch; unknown when yellow color came on the market.
1998 #9014 5" / 13 cm red, yellow, black, turquoise w/ white plastic "vinyl look" top; black cont'l kit; cream interior; friction drive; hood & doors open; in loose pak
WIX / China 2004 Wix 1956 Thunderbird 1/24 Red with white top; doors, hood, trunk open.  Chromed Cont'l kit tilts back to open trunk.  Wix Filter on detailed engine; Commemorates WIX 50th anniversary of the spin-on filter; steerable. - This is a NEW model.  There is also a promo pak for retailer that comes with box of models - see collectible list
ZEE Toys, Inc / Hong Kong  1981 Windracer; #P356 1/60 candy apple red w/white interior, doors open, porthole hardtop
? . #P356 1/60 same as windracer w/ black painted chassis
Zee Toys, Inc / Macau 
Intex Recreation Corp.
1981 . #29565 4" red w/ beige interior; friction drive
Zylmex / Hong Kong . . Z1 1/40 burgandy or black w/white interior; friction drive
1981 . #29580 Pacesetter (P356) 1/60 same as windracer w/unpainted metal chassis

Zylmex / China
198? #356 1/60 doors open, porthole top; same as windracer above w/swirl wheels & black chassis
1993 Dyna Classics #29510 1/64 Pinkish Maroon - otherwise same as the above
? / China 1992 . . 2.25" Metal body & plastic chassis;flames on hdtop & hood; "3" on hdtop; re w/green; blue or silver flames OR pink w/blue flame OR orange w/white or blue flames; inexpensivie kid's toy
? 55/56 tbird 12" Plastic; Red; topless; w/yellow cont'l kit on trunk; yellow wheels on snapon axles

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* Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"

  If you don't see your classic t-bird model listed at all, Please send me e-mail with a description including the manufacturer/ country of origin / year made if known / size / general & specific description including color of body and interior and type of top, hub style, etc.  I also accept photos.

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