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1956 Thunderbird Diecast Models
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Distinctive characteristics for a 1956 T-bird:   Front Fender vents;   tail fins rounded and inline with body lines; Straight  front bumper with bumperettes; dual exhaust with outlets at corners of rear bumper... Wind wings, sun visors; Continental kit set  into body hugging rear bumper. Hardtop is with or without portholes. 
Scale Information:
Listings are in alphabetical order by brand or manufacturer. Listings cover diecasts, plastic molds, sand casts, etc...~ any 3-Dimensional 1956 Thunderbird that rolls or appears to roll whether made to be decorative, as a toy, or for the collector.
Model Kits are on a separate page.
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* Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.

Brand / Country
Year Manu.
Name / Model #

Kidco / Hong Kong
1979 56 t-bird . trunk opens w/cont'l kit, soft top folded on body, conv.; white interior (see Airfix-Dinky)  Note the two shades of windshields in photo; 5 spoke wheels
1981 Tough Wheels #151-3 1/60 red, trunk opens Also marketed under Sears label: Roadmates; 4 spoke wheels
198? Tough Wheels 1/60 black with white interior; trunk opens; 4 spoke wheels;  blue tint windshield
Kidco / Macau 1981 . Tough Wheels #15100-3 1/60 red, silver stripes, black interior; 5- spoke wheels; clear windshield
1982 Tough Wheels Grease 2
1/60 white with black interior; Grease 2 graphic on trunk, stylized flame in orange on hood.
Kinder Surprise 1994 See Ferrero
Kinsmart / China 1999 to present . "1955 Ford Thunderbird" 1/72 but
marked as 
1956 fender vents but see Kinsmart descriptions on the 1955 page
Komozja / Poland 1998 Polonaise 6 1/4" blown glass Christmas ornament; peacock blue w/white porthole hardtop; glitter accenting chrome
2000 Polonaise 6 1/4" blown Glass, red with white porthole top; same as blue Polonaise from 1998
. . . . yellow:  see 1955 list
Korris Car / USA 60's? Motorized Tbird 1/25 Plastic; white w/blk top or all black; motorized
Also see Simms models
60's? Motorized Tbird 1/25  Plastic; tan or red; silver interior; grey bumpers
Lanard Toys / Macau 1988 American Muscle #9020, #9030 7" Plastic w/ pull-string action; Black or peacock blue or red
*Letraset Int. see NSG Marketing below / China late 80s-90s 56 Letraset International Thunderbird 3" Yellow with black stripe, no fender vent but continental kit
4 of the colors together; most likely from Summer Manufacturing
late 80s-90s 56 Letraset International Thunderbird Cream with black stripe
late 80s-90s 56 Letraset International Thunderbird Lime with black stripe
late 80s-90s 56 Letraset International Thunderbird Green with white stripe
late 80s-90s 56 Letraset International Thunderbird Chrome with blue stripe
Lilpa / Italy 50's/60's t-bird 7" / 18cm Plastic; yellow or green
Luxe Car / China late 80's to late 90's #MF 346 1/18 Metal; White or black; friction drive;  NON-porthole hardtop; wide white wall metal tires w/ redline; very similar to Fifties model; red interior; black cont'l kit; ; number on license plate
Maisto? or M.C. Toys? early 90's 56 T-bird 1/40 Black with red interior; in English Leather men's cologne package.
Maisto / China 1997 56 t-bird 1/40 Black w/cream interior; porthole hardtop; in loose pack w/other cars
1998 (1993 on pkg.) Super Sport; #25021 1/40 Black w/pink raindrop graphics; like above
Maisto (May Cheong Toy Products Fty, Ltd.) / China 2000 Kool Toyz Diecast Vehicles 4.5" white w/ red interior; pull back; black cont'l kit; porthole hardtop; in 5-pak; Target special
MOTM 2004


Maisto / China

May Cheong Group

2000 Road & Track American Classics OR Motor Works Limited Edition #137 OR Speed Wheels Series IX 2.7"
Red with no chrome; also found in R&T "2-car value pak"; Road & Track brand is exclusive to Walmart Stores; 
Red;- 1956 T Bird #15001
2000 Hasbro - Tonka #9 of 50
/ Collection 2
1/64 Black w/black porthole top; w/red & white graphic: streak length of sides at top; U graphic on hood "Tonka copyright2000 Hasbro" in white on chassis; smoke windows; comes in single pak or in 10 pak with other cars
2002 56 T-bird 1/64 red (same as version from 2000) with new 5 spoke wheels
2002 . 56 T-bird - Kid connection 1/64 red (as above) - different packaging - packed with 34 Ford; Walmart exculsive package
2002 . Hot Rods 1/64 black with side graphics - in 5 pak;  same as  in single ppaks (#9) - Packed with    Mustang, Pickup, school bus, hot rod and '56 bird
2003 56 Thunderbird 1/64 Red with 6 spoke chrome wheels
2003 56 Thunderbolt - Marvel Comics Series 2 1/64 Red with Thunderbolt graphics; comes in 2-pack, 3-pack, and 5-pack
2004 Spiderman - Marvel Comics, Series 3 #61 1/64 Red with blue hardtop and kit; spiderman graphics
2004 #4 Classic Customs '56 T-bird 1/64 green with white top and white continental kit; "Classic Club" on side with thin red stripe running length of side;  in TONKA "Big 20" gift pak or in 5pak; 6-spoke wheel
2005 Marvel Comics 1/64 red with white spiderweb graphics on side and hood; "spiderman" on trunk; "Marvel" on hood; series 4 #90
2006 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/64 Peacock Blue; black windows; 6 spoke hubs; 
2007 - packed in easter egg or packed in 5pak with construction cones and 3 other cars.
2017 1956 Ford Thunderbird
Adventure Force (Walmart Brand)
1/64 Peacock Blue; porthole hardtop; Black windows; In 9-pak of various makes; ; 6-spoke chrome wheels.  #11611 Base
Maisto / China 2012 1956 Ford Thunderbird
Muslce Machines, 12-2-BIL
Dark Navy Blue Metallic with white hardtop; grey graphics on side and trunk; "pinstripe style graphic on cont'l kit. Large engine sticking up thru hood.  This is the old Muscle Machines model originally produced by Funline. Card  Model chassis marked Made in China, Maisto
Brand / Country Year Manu. Photos
Name / Model # 
Scale Description
Majorette / Hong Kong 1988 . Legends #2400-3P . Red w/white interior, doors open; 3 cars in box
1988 Legends . Red w/white interior OR White w/red interior, doors open
Majorette / China 1998 Legends . All yellow OR turquoise w/white hard top;
Mark Models / England 1980's Ford Thunderbird 3 3/4 " 
/ 9.5cm
Pewter on oval wood base; porthole hardtop; "Ford Thunderbird" on plaque
Mattel /  1989 Micro Nightburner 1.25"
Plastic; light turquoise w/tiny black button in roof to operate light.  emits light from 2 holes at fron and at rear
M.C. Toys / China 199? . road master, The Rally, '56 T-bird #8256 
(See also Zee Toys, Zylmax, and Maisto)
1/40 Metallic Red; hardtop;  with cream interior; black steering wheel clear plastic windshield and rear window; black tire cont'l kit; chrome bumpers and wheels; pull back action; black plastic base marked : 1/40, MC Toys, '56 T-bird.
MEM Co. / Hong Kong 1980's #416 similar 
to 50's
similar to 50's Americar but no friction motor; grey bumpers; Packaged in English Leather Cologne "Collector Editions" - box says 1957 T-Bird
MicroMachines ~ Galoob * .1985 to 1996 MicroMachine 56 Thunderbird .1 3/8" 
3.5 cm
see Micro article for details & pics
1980's Micro Mini 5/8" 
Plastic; red, yellow, dark blue, yellow w/white top; no cont'l kit but porthole hardtop;see Micro article for details & pics
1998 Ford Pak #1 1.5" 
Plastic; light turquoise w/ white porthole top;see Micro article for details & pics
Miniature Vehicle Manufacturing 1981 "Nostalgic Miniatures"
Thunderbird 1955 / 1956
1/42 Pewter, Convertible, It is a 1956; Base marked: Miniature Vehicle Manufacturing, Westboro, MA 05181
Mira / Spain 1980's #2622  Classic Cars  or Broadway 50's 1/25 Black OR Grey w/black top & interior; some plastic parts
1980's #2632 Classic Cars or Broadway 50's 1/25 Red OR T-bird blue w/black interior, some plastic parts; topless
Monogram / USA 1977 '56 T-Bird #6101-0100 1/24 Model Kit; metal body, top and hood; red plastic seats; undercarriage
1982 '56 T-Bird #2289 1/24 Model Kit; plastic; all red; porthole top; 
1990 Evolution of the Legend; #6183 1/24 Model Kit; plastic;all black pieces;  3 kits in 1 box; 56, 58, & 87.
Motorific - see Ideal . . . . .
MotorMax (Redbox) / China 1999 . Motormax "Heavy Wheels" 1/64 Red w/white interior; doors open this is the old Zee(Zylmex) mold
MotorMax / China 2009 MotorMax
American Graffiti
Moments in Time 73640AG
New Mold: White; black interior; porthole hardtop; white wall tires; chrome ring around cont'l kit;wind wings; spot for radio antenna; chrome steering wheel; silver painted detail on hardtop; yellow California license plate: "CAL 700" packaged with 3-D street scene of bank, camera shop, blond in blue dress, mail box, traffic light;  fire hydrant, etc.. [ed note: overall good detail on this model and set]


MotorMax / China

2008 MotorMint
1956 Thunderbird 
1/43 dark blue with white top; black interior;  There was another set of numbers across the chassis at the front axle #116546 - I couldn't tell if that # will change with each chassis or not.    The license plate is a yellow "California" plate with the letters CAL 700.  Above the #700, there are 2 license plate tags - 1 red and the other is black.  The black has the number "57" printed in it but I don't have a strong enough magnifier to read what was written in the red tag.  There is no front plate.
2008 American Graffiti series
1956 Ford Thunderbird; AG
1/43 White with black seats and white inserts, black dash, chrome cont'l kit.  comes is display box labeled 1956 Ford Thunderbird;  "American Graffiti" in silver paint on rear quarter panel. License plate CAL 700
2008 American Graffiti series
1956 Ford Thunderbird
1/43 red  with chrome trim on the red continental kit and black interior with red seat inserts and red visors.  The "chrome" trim has been well detailed including the hood scoop bezel which is painted silver with black "inside" and there's a simulated chrome trim (silver paint) around the edge of the seat well.  Also, it's "topless" compared to the white hardtop model that came out a few weeks ago.  door's "upholsetery is painted red and black. license plate CAL 700
2009 American Graffiti series 
1956 Ford Thunderbird 73800A
1/43 Yellow; topless; white interior with yellow seat inserts, chrome cont'l kit;  packaged in clear display case with stand; license plate CAL 700


MotorMax (Redbox) / China

1997 Bird of Paradise 1/24 Royal Blue (purplish blue) ;interior same color; NO cont'l kit - straight bumpers; conv't; w. or w/o decals on seats; styled wheels
1998 . #68015 1/24 aqua, pale yellow; pink; red; aqua ; WHITE interior; NO cont'l kit;straight bumpers, styled wheels
1998 . #68015 1/24 pink, pale yellow; red; aqua; TAN interior; NO cont'l kit; styled wheels; straight bumpers
1998 #68015 1/24 pale yellow; pink; red; aqua; TAN interior; cont'l kit; stock wheels
1999 MotorMax Collection #608000 1/24 School Bus yellow; Tan interior; contl kit; white walll tires; trunk & hood open; NEW color box - blue
2001 1956 Thunderbird 1/24 black with tan interior
2001 or 
. 1956 Ford Thunderbird #75230 1/24 school bus yellow, tan interior boxed with red 2002 with black interior.
2002 Munsingwear at Mervyn's; an American Classic 1/24 red with tan interior; continental kit is MISSING from formed rear bumper.  wide white wall tires (note this is is like the old MotorMax models from several years ago - it's listed because of the missing kit and new packaging.)  This was a week long promotional at Mervyn's in February 2002
2004 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/24 light blue with black interior*; black with grey interior*
school bus yellow with black* or tan interior
red with tan interior (same as the Munsingwear model from last year); all without continental kit but with continental kit bumper.  Packed in sets of 4 in generic "1:24 Diecast Collection" boxes with stick on grey label: "1956 Ford thunderbird"; #68015 on chassis  * - new color &/or interior
2004 1956 Ford thunderbird 1/24 White with black interior; no continental kit but has continental bumper; made for Avon
2005 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird "American Graffitti" 1/24 Creamy Yellow with tan interior; continental bumper but no continental kit
2007 1956 Ford Thunderbird
"American Graffitti"
1/24 White with red and white interior; continental kit; in 2008 also came in set with white pickup truck and trailer
2007 1956 Ford Thunderbird Hertz Limited Edition 1/24 Black with tan interior; topless; cont'l kit; yellow Hertz logos on doors and trunk. in Hertz black and yellow box.
#73215(old standard) 1/24 73215 - topless version in red or yellow with tan interior
#73172 1/24
2009 / 2010 1956 Ford Thunderbird / American Graffiti Die-cast Collection, series III #73200A 1/24 White w/white porthole top; American Graffiti logo on rear quarter panel; black seats with white inserts, black steering wheel; white cont'l kit with no chrome ring; opening trunk and hood; white wall tires; dual rear view mirrors; black dash
2009 / 2010 73312D 1/24  red /whitetop; black seats with white inserts.
2009 / 2010 1956 Ford Thunderbird 


1/24 dark olive green with white hardtop; black seats with white inserts; 
2010 #74312D Ford thunderbird
#68015 base 
7.25 inches
metallic blue with plastic white porthole top; top view; comes as a set with a blue pick-up;  photo of set by  Thomas Pfarrer. 
MotorMax / China 2007 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/18 Red; black seats with red inserts; topless; chrome rimmed red continental kit; doors open, hood & trunk open; 
2007 1956 Ford Thunderbird #73176 1/18 Olive Green; black seats with olive green inserts; topless; chrome rimmed olive green cont'l kit; doors, hood, & trunk open;
2007 1956 Ford Thunderbird American Graffiti; #73176AG 1/18 White with white hardtop; black and white seats
2010 1956 Ford Thunderbird "American Classics" 1/18 Orange with white hardtop; solid black interior
2012 1956 Ford Thunderbird "Diecast Collection" #877611 1/18 Orange with black and orange interior; no hardtop; license plate CAL700(California) (first reported by Dan Woodcock; found at Costco in Nov/Dec 2012) 
2012 1956 Ford Thunderbird "Diecast Collection" #877611 1/18 white with white porthole hardtop; solid black interior. license plate CAL700(California)
2012 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird "Diecast Colletion" #877611 1/18 Red with white porthole hardtop (Also reported by Dan Woodcock.) all black interior ;2012 red box; 2015 American Classics black&grey  box
2013 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird "Diecast Collection" # 1/18 Olive Green with white hardtop; (reported by Anne Lugenbill)
2015 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird " 1/18 Red, topless with tan interior
2017, 2018 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/18 Black, topless
Motorsports Authentics/ China 2007 . see Funline . .
Motor Wheels * / China 1994 8825 1/63 Plastic chassis; sunroof; yellow; black, silver, etc. w/graphics in red/blue or gold/blue, "class 1", "3"; in pkg of 25 various autos
Muscle Machines . . see Funline
see Maisto 2012 & later
. .


New Ray / China

2000 City Cruiser Collection / 1956 Thunderbird #48613 1/43 Blue; topless; white/blu & black interior; no cont'l kit
2001 56 Thunderbird City Cruisers 1/43 yellow; no continental kit; topless; black seats w/ white inserts; OR red or blue with white seat and red inserts
2001 photo by Steve Legel 56 Thunderbird City Cruisers 1/43 yellow; no continental kit; topless; black seats; bumpers & wheels & steering wheel are painted silver (no chrome)
2001 56 Thunderbird City Cruisers 1/43 red or blue with white seats & red seat inserts, continental kit, topless 
OR yellow with black seats/white inserts; chrome wheels, bumpers, & steering wheels
2002 K-Line Cruiser 1/43 blue with red & white interior (same as NewRay that came out last year in the City Cruiser's series) blue cont'l kit - sold thru K-Line.
2002 Extreme Machine 1/43 red with flames - white nose leading to yellow flames; topless; red cont'l kit; red & white interior
2002 56 T-Bird - Model Car Kit 1/43 model kit; yellow ; See also, "Testors"
2005 56 Tbird, City Cruisers 1/43 New Box style - sold thru Walmart stores; and display box with stand, detailed
2007 . 56 Thunderbird American Classics 1/43
new box style, sold thru Dollar General stores
2011 . 56 Thunderbird City Cruisers 1/43 yellow, solid black seats,
New Box Style - sold thru Cracker Barrel Stores
New Ray for EJ Enterprises
/ China
sometime between 1999 and 2007 . '56 Thunderbird, DieCast Collectible Christmas Ornament 1/43 red, white seats with red inserts, white dash (retailed at $3.99)
Nipigon Studios - Mr. Sandman / Canada 1986 50's Dream 4.5" red or cream sand cast & glittered - solid
1986 50's Dream 7" red or cream sand cast & glittered - solid
Nostalgic Miniatures / USA 1981 "1955-1956 T-BIRD" 1/42 Pewter, Convertible, It is a 1956; Base marked: Miniature Vehicle Manufacturing, Westboro, MA 05181, 1955-1956 T-BIRD, PEWTER, SERIAL NUMBER (none)
NScaleWorld/ USA 2008-09 56 Thunder Bird 1 1/4"
Resin; Custom; Yellow, cream, pink, red, black, light blue, light green; porthole hardtop; non-rolling, for train layouts; hand painted; some may have hood scoop bezel painted silver; headlights painted white; tail lights may or may not be painted red
2009 . 56 Thunder Bird 1:134 Resin; light blue with white wall tires
2009 56 Thunder Bird 1:134 Resin; Pink convertible; white seats
2009 56 Thunder Bird 1:134 Resin;  red convertible; red with white seat inserts
* NSG Marketing Corp */ China 1989 #TS3008 1/63 Neon green w/white & blue racing stripes, #56 on scoop, "Letraset Int." printed on hood - Summer Manufacturing article offsite
*SS and various names above  appear to be products of Summer Metal Products Manufacturing, Ltd, since 1989.  Read article on Doug Breithaupts website
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* Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"

  If you don't see your classic t-bird model listed at all, Please send me e-mail with a description including the manufacturer/ country of origin / year made if known / size / general & specific description including color of body and interior and type of top, hub style, etc.  I also accept photos.

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