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1956 Thunderbird Diecast Models
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Distinctive characteristics for a 1956 T-bird:   Front Fender vents;   tail fins rounded and inline with body lines; Straight  front bumper with bumperettes; dual exhaust with outlets at corners of rear bumper... Wind wings, sun visors; Continental kit set  into body hugging rear bumper. Hardtop is with or without portholes. 
Scale Information:
Listings are in alphabetical order by brand or manufacturer. Listings cover diecasts, plastic molds, sand casts, etc...~ any 3-Dimensional 1956 Thunderbird that rolls or appears to roll whether made to be decorative, as a toy, or for the collector. 
Model Kits are on a separate page.
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* Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.
Brand / Country Year Manu. Photos Name / Model #  Scale Description
50's early 80s . Thunderbird type 1956 1/18 see Fifties 50's below
50's Americar / Hong Kong  1980s #416 4"  red w/ white flames & "t-bird" on hood  & "50's" on trunk; cream interior; clear windshield
1980s . #416 4" Black with black top; red seat; grey bumpers, clear windshield; (no friction drive); 
1980s #4116-4117 Pullback 4" Black w/black top OR red w/red top;, red seat; friction drive; doors open; black bumpers; blue-tint windshield
50's Americar / China 1990s Pull-back #4116 4" Black w/black top OR red w/red top; red seat; black bumpers; friction drive; blue-tint windshield
Alloy Forms / USA 1984 see Pewter list Motor City, USA 1/87 Pewter on wood base; hardtop
AMT / USA 1956 1956 Thunderbird 1/25 Plastic; friction drive; black, cream, peacock blue, red, "sage" green; pale green, visit Promo Heaven for  info
1956 . . 1/25 Retail version
1956 . 1956 Thunderbird 1/25 Plastic; with remote control
AMT / ERTL / China 2003 56 American Graffiti 
1/25 Plastic model kit; white 56 with porthole hardtop;  released in fall 03 but not reported til winter 04  #31966
American Graffiti . . Ford Thunderbird 1/64; 1/43
1/24; 1;18
See MotorMax
American Muscle Ertl Collecitbles . . see RC2 . .
Airfix / Hong Kong 1980 Dinky / #129 1/60 Red with white interior, same mold as Kidco, note wheel variation  transition era for Dinky
Aramis  . . see Testors . .
Auburn / USA 50's/60's? Thunderbird 4.25" 
Vinyl; red, yellow, blue, white, pink, dark aqua, dark reddish pink; molded 1-piece convertible w/ driver & passenger; license plate #574 (is there a "grass green" version?? Though the pink in the photo looks like faded red, I looked it over carefully & it is pink w/ dk. pink in the thick spots).  Here's all 7 colors though a little dirty. 
Model of Month 10/99
Avon-MotorMax 2004 1956 Thunderbird 1/24   see Avon article
B&E Sales Co. Inc. *  / Hong Kong . . Motor Force, Speed-D-Track  / #716397 1/60 Yellow w/black glass; #56 on back stripe, red & orange stripes, "Letraset International along stripe; plastic launcher track
Bandai / Japan 1950's . 56 Thunderbird 11" TIN; Red w/peacock blue cont'l kit OR peacock blue w/red cont'l kit; battery operated; white hardtop
1950's . 56 Thunderbird . TIN; comes with clear or tinted green plastic hardtop; no fender vents but does have Continental Kit. Red or blue
Banthrico 1974 to now . see 1955 Banthrico . See pewter article
Beetland  / Korea

Headquartered in Japan

1987 Piezo Lighter 1/60 Lighter in 6 colors w/white tops;  red, black, white, lt. blue, pink, & green; dark blue tinted winows; store displayed on styrofoam beach scene w/palm tree; 3.1" in total length
1987 . Piezo Lighter / #1075 1/60 Metallic Grey w/white top; dark blue tinted windows
1987 . Piezo Lighter 1/60 Dark blue w/white top; dark blue tinted windows
1987 .. Peizo Lighter 1/60 Chrome with BLACK hardtop; License plate "LET 728"
1987 1956 Thunderbird 1/60 Red w/white top; cream/white interior; clear windows; NOT a lighter
1987 . 1956 Thunderbird 1/60 Silver w/white top; all red interior; clear windows; NOT a lighter
1987 1956 Thunderbird 1/60 Blue w/white top; clear windows; NOT a lighter
Blue Box Toys * / Macau 1986  Speed Sounder #3536 1/60 Peacock blue w/ light blue flames, #7 on top in blue; card; card back
Brooklin / England 1982 to 1994 . #13 1/43 Standard Model:  Red, heavy (white metal), good details, cream interior, wide whitewalls, porthole top; see Brooklin article for list & color variations


Busch / Germany

1996 to now Busch Automodelle / #45203 1/87 plastic; black or green or red or peacock blue; w/softtop grey or white or tan; black steering wheel & chassis; trim detailed (see Praline models - same model)
1996 to now . . 1/87 plastic; topless; otherwise as above;  see "micro" article for more detail
1999 . 56 T-bird / #189-45211 1/87 blk w/grey ST, red interl, wht dash OR teal w/tan ST, tan inter., white dash; Thunderbird written on both r/fenders, "MAG" wheels w/bw tires, skirts, chrome f & r bumpers, hubcap on cont. In a little plastic case. Sitting on cardboard platform 
2000 . . 1/87 plastic; topless; white;
2001 . 1956 T-bird 1/87 Black with red top; red interior
2002 . 45210 1/87 plastic; yellow; topless with tan interior
2002 . 45210 1/87 green with white interior; topless
2003 56 Thunderbird / #45211 1/87 white with red top
2003 56 Thunderbird / #45211 1/87 plastic; blue with white "softtop"; all white interior black steering wheel
"micro" article for more Busch
Brand / Country Year Manu. Photos Name / Model #  Scale Description
Carlton Cards / China 1999 Cruisin' Christmas - Heirloom Collection 3.75" Lite Peacock blue w/top down; wrapped presents in pass. seat & on trunk. Steering wheel; detailed dash. Seats: yellow cushion in seating area; Radio antenna;  scarlet box w history on  box 
Carrera / China 2001 . Slot car 1/32 yellow with white hardtop; driver;(CKG)
2002 1956 Thunderbird 1/32 slot car; White with driver; blue & white interior; same  model as the yellow from last year but with blond female driver. Slot Car
2002 56 Thunderbird "Blown 'Bird" 1/32 slot car; Buckskin Tan; no top; driver in blue with helmet; roll bar behind driver seat; grey interior with white inserts; racing graphics; "honest Ernie's garage"; box
2004 . Gothbird 1/32 Black with black porthole hardtop; slot car; woman driver in black; "zebra stripe" seats
Choro Q / China see Takara
and Targa
Collector's Case / USA 1980's 1956 T-Bird / #616 4.5" / 11.5cm Pewter list; porthole hardtop, detailed interior


Crown Premiums 
/ China

headquarters in
Premium models used 
for advertising

2000 . Snap-On Tools 56 T-bird 1/24 Black w/red & white interior; well detailed engine & chassis; "seat belts" crossed on seats; white porthole hardtop; red tool chest "bank" in trunk and key; red "snap-on" logo on Cont'l kit; Xmas special for customers with tool purchase. Excellent model!!
2001 Snap-On Tools 56 Street Rod 1/24 Cream with white porthole top; black & white interior;
  tinted rear window & portholes; tinted rear window & portholes; no bullets on front bumper; 56 bumper without continental kit & extension; Snap-on logo on trunk & door. license plate "1956"
2001 Trustworthy Hardware 56 Street Rod 1/24 Orange with brown porthole top; tan interior; no "bullets" on front bumper;  no continental kit; Trustworthy logo on doors; license plate: "2001"
2001 Yellow Freight 56 1/24 orange (lighter than the Trustworthy model) with black porthole top;orange & white interior; HAS continental kit; Y.F. logo on doors and trunk; license plate: "2001"
2001 . IAPA Bank 1/24 Red w white top, white continental kit::not a retail item
2001 Drag Specialty Street Rod 1/24 blue stylized flames on black car; straight bumpers, no continental kit
2001 Heatcraft Street Rod 1/24 black with white top, red interior; straigth bumpers, no continental kit
2001 . True Value, Nibco 1/24 black with all red interior; made for convention in Las Vegas but never distributed.
2002 . Nebraska "Corn Huskers" 1/24 red and white top,  part of a set with Nebraska "Corn Huskers" logos on truck, trailer and car.  Each are boxed separately.   It's a limited edition of 300.
2002 . Little Debbie '56 T-bird 1/24 Thunderbird blue with teal and white interior
2003 Napa Tools 56 T-bird 1/24 Red with white top, for Napa Tools
2008 ACE Hardware 56 T-bird Street Rod 1/24 Red with red top, white interior with red accents; for ACE Hardware
2009 45th Portland Swap Meet 1/24 turquoise with white top; white interior with turquoise accents; for 45th annual Portland SwapMeet
2009 University of Kentucky 1/24 blue with white top; blue & white interior for University of Kentucky; with UK graphics
Danbury Mint / China 1991
1956 Ford Thunderbird 7 3/4" red w/ removeable hardtop; turning wheels, doors, & hood open to show well-detailed interior. value $75
1995-present . . 7 3/4" White; as above
2006 . 50th Anniversary Special 7 3/4" Black; black hardtop; black cont'l kit; black & white interior; released in Sept/Oct? last of series of 3 Thunderbirds released by D.M. for 2006.
1980s 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/43 Pewter; hardtop;  part of set "Classic Sports Cars of the World; comes with card describing history of the 56 t-bird.
Dinky Toys / Hong Kong 1980 T-Bird Convertible / #129 1/64 red with white interior; chrome base; trunk opens
Like the Kid-Co model.  Distributed by Airfix Products Ltd, London; marked "Dinky Toys" "made in Hong Kong" on base.  See Airfix listing above.  Not released in the USA
Dolgencorp, Inc / China 2005 Wreck'em Rods 1/24 yellow plastic with no cont'l kit, straight bumpers;   S.P Toys Industrial Co, LTD, Hong Kong. grey plastic engine sticking out of hood.  Package says car  flies apart on impact.  It has a friction action.  Flamed decal on hood. Brand name appears to be "Supreme".  Model # N117 BG
Duncan 1974 . Classic Cars 1/25 plastic; black w/white top; Korris Kar body; 5-spoke wheels
Ertl Collectibles
RC2 / China
2005 American Muscle
Classic Muscle 5 Pack
1/58  see RC2
Ezra Brooks / USA 1976 . . . Ceramic Decanter; yellow or blue
Brand / Country
Year Manu.
Name / Model # 
Ferrero / Germany 1994 56 t-bird 1/87 plastic; green w/white hardtop; cream interior; grey bumpers & hubs; white chassis; green steering wheel; less detail than the busch models
Fifties 50's / Japan early 1980's Thunderbird Hardtop type 1956 1/18 Metal; friction drive; white porthole hardtop; metal wide white wall on rubber tires; black or red w/black interior; or blue w/blue interior; or yellow w/yellow interior; or white; or pink. matching cont'l kit; serial number on rear license plate.  see also LUXE CARS
early 1980's Thunderbird Convertible type 1956 1/18 Metal, friction drive; topless; metal wide white wall on rubber tires; white w/ red interior OR pink w/white interior OR blue, black, red, yellow; Marked Fifties 50s on base;  see also LUXE CARS
Franklin Mint / China 1987 Classic Cars of the Fifties 1/43 Blue w/white hardtop
1990's . Drive-In 1/43 Pewter scene with Mel's Drive-in, several cars including 56 Tbird
1992 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/24 Aqua Blue w/white hardtop; aqua and white interior; hood & trunk open.
1995 . . 1/24 Fiesta Red
2004 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1.24 Golden Glow yellow with white hardtop, chrome continental kit; limited edition of 1000, Russian Island Exclusive Limited Edition; doors, trunk, hood open; cont'l kit moves to allow trunk to open. retail value $120
2006 . 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/24 Sunset Coral (pink) with tan interior, white seat inserts; removeable white porthole top; limited to 2500. retail $120. 
1998 Texaco Mechanical Bank 11"x13"x9" "Service with a Smile",  55/56 red W/ white p.h. top; 56 fender vents;55 bumpers; a Texaco attendent deposits coin from his tray.  attendent is released by pressing down on the gas pump globe. Texaco sign; on base; stereo views: (//) or (X-eyed)
1992 Drive-in Mechanical Bank 11"x13"x8" Aqua w/white 55/56 fender vents;55 bumpers; waitress on skates deposits coin in car; drive-in sign;menu kiosk; on base
Funline / China

(Muscle Machines)


2002 '56 Thunderbird Muscle Machines(02-59) 1/64
yellow; monster engine sticking up thru hood. large rear wheels.
2002 . 56 Thunderbird Muscle Machines/ (02-53) 1/64 red; monster engine sticking up thru hood. large rear wheels.
2003 . 56 Thunderbird Muscle Machines / (02-89) 1/64 white;  monster engine sticking up thru hood. large rear wheels Click  for real drag racing t-birds
2003 . 56 Thunderbird Muscle Machines / (02-95) 1/64 black;  monster engine sticking up thru hood. large rear wheels
2003 56 Thunderbird Muscle Machines 1/64 Red, White & Blue Graphics; monster engine sticking up thru hood; limited edition; with red and blue tires on white 5-spoke wheels. chase model
2003 56 Thunderbird Muscle Machines / (03-40) 1/64 Red, White & Blue Graphics; monster engine sticking up thru hood;chrome wheels, black tires on chrome wheels.
2005 1956 Thunderbird Muscle Machines 1/64 Red with white top; ; monster engine sticking up thru hood; chrome wheels, black tires; in 5-pack  assortment # 71184
2007 1956 Thunderbird Muscle Machines 1/64 Cream with 2 wide blue stripes length of body on top; blue stripes on rocker panel with GT 500 script;  chrome wheels;  monster engine sticking up thru hood; black tires; in 5-pak ~ assortment # 64936, series 2
2008 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/64 gray with black stripes along top of body, engine sticking out from hood. Black "wire-look" Dayton Wire wheels; Series 2 Pro-Chase vehicle.#64920; collector card
2012 Muscle Machines . See MAISTO

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* Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"

  If you don't see your classic t-bird model listed at all, Please send me e-mail with a description including the manufacturer/ country of origin / year made if known / size / general & specific description including color of body and interior and type of top, hub style, etc.  I also accept photos.

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