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1955 Thunderbird Diecast Models
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Distinctive characteristics for a 1955 T-bird:  No Front Fender vents;   tail fins rounded and inline with body lines; Straight  bumpers with bumperettes front and rear; dual exhaust outlets above bumper thru bumperettes.. No continental kit. Hardtop is non-porthole.  no wind wings, no sun visors; Interior

Listings are in alphabetical order by brand or manufacturer.  Listings cover diecasts, plastic molds, sand casts, etc...; any 3-Dimensional 1955 Thunderbird that rolls or appears to roll whether made to be decorative, as a toy, or for the picky collector. Model kits liste on separate page. Not For Sale 
Scale Information

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from the 1950's to present
Brand / Country Year Released Photos
Model Name / #
Scale Description
Ideal / USA 50's/ early 60's ? Thunderbird Plastic; tan, cream, black, red; topless; some are motorized
ITC (Ideal Toy Corp.) / USA 50's  1955 Thunderbird; #3702 8.5 " Model Kit; plastic;  red, ; box graphics show fairlane stripe on black car
50's 1955 Thunderbird; # 3695-198 8.5 Model Kit; plastic; white; grey "wire" style wheels"; box graphics has grey 1957 Thunderbird; kit is motorized. uses 2 "C" size batteries.
/Japan 50's or 60's t-bird 7 or 8" Tin; red w/white top 
**Justen / China 1996 Grand Prix Set TC-3801 2.5" yellow w/silver hearts on hood & stars on top OR silver w/black hearts on hood & stars on top OR red w/pale blue hearts & stars; 8-spoke wheels highlighted with chrome; single pak - same model as MTC model; see Summer models
J.S.N.Y. / China 1999 55 Thunderbird Convertible AM/FM Radio -#2867 8.5 " Plastic; Yellow w/ removable white top;black & white interior;doors open, steering wheel turns; car rolls; Radio knobs in engine compartment; battery powered 


Kinsmart / China 

1999 1955 Ford Thunderbird 1/70
marked 1/64
new Mold: Red, yellow, blue, white or black; hardtop; white interior; friction motor; still available new in 2009; may come with glued on surf board, etc...; find in souvenir shops on the coast or Hawaii, or elsewhere. May also be found with key chains attached. No lights.  Marked on base: 1:64, Kinsmart, MADE IN CHINA, 1955 Ford Thunderbird
2000 . EJ Racway 1/70 Blue, white, yellow, or black; in blister paks with another model. packaged version of the Kinsmart model from late 1999
2000 55 thunderbird 1/70 New color added to line: light green; see 1999 list for more details
2004 55 thunderbird 1/70 new packaging, blue, white, yellow, black, red, light green as in 2000 above.  Was found in Lunch boxes with other diecast cars at Crackerbarrel Stores.(SL)
200? Route 66 '55 Thunderbird 1/70 Black, red, etc... with Rt. 66 logo on roof
200? Seagrams promotional 1/70 purple on truck hauler with Seagrams logos; spotted in 2007
2009 1955 Ford Thunderbird 1/36 Red, blue, yellow or black; doors open, white interior, 4 slotted full chrome hub/wheel; black steering wheel; black gear shifter; 1955 on license plate; by Kintoy Die-casting Manufactory; pull back action toy;  New Mold
Kinsfun (Kinsmart) / China 2007 1955 Ford Thunderbird 3.70" x 2" x 2" high Yellow, black, cream, red, mint green, light blue :Squatty, shortened body with hardtop; doors open, grey interiorwith black dash & steering wheel; pull back action; #KT4022; comes loose in box of 12 T-birds.  retail price approx. $4/car New Mold
Komozja / Poland 2001 Polonaise AP1339 6" blown glass Christmas ornament; yellow with black hardtop; tagged as 1956. (DL) Box has no pictures
2002 Polonaise AP1339 6" blown glass Christmas ornament; golden yellow with black hardtop; tagged as 1956 - box has pic of T-bird
Kurt S. Adler, Inc. / China 2000 Art Car
Holidays Are Santas World
3.5in. or 8.8cm Resin, solid;light blue w creamy yellow top; stylized w/Chev rearend; license plate "2000"; top is odd; incised "60's style" graphics all over
2003 Ornament . Resin, greenish yellow with white interior; topless
Lemax / China 1999 Classic Car Set (slot car) 1/43 Plastic; red w/white hardtop; grey windows; upside down rear bumper; chassis unmarked; silver painted details; chrome bumpers; slot car set w/blue 57 chevy nomad; keyhole slot car track (October release)
2002 Sports Car, Village Collectibles 1/43 plastic; red with white top; battery operated slot car; rear bumper is still upside down.  first produced in 1999 as part of a set.  Now packaged by itself.
2008 Sport Car, #84836
Village Collectibles
3 3/4"
red with white top; accessory for Lemax Village scenes; originally produced in 1999, re-released with new base; rear bumpers are right side up now! not a slot car anymore.
Letraset Int (Summer)
/ China
90s See Letraset Int 1956 3" various colors
LoneStar / England ? Road-Master 4.5"
(scale corrected)
red or yellow w/black interior; topless; black plastic chassis & wheels; celluloid windshield
DCMT on base
? . Road-Master 1/38 Pale blue, pale green, or metallic blue; black interior; topless; red plastic chassis & wheels; celluloid windshield
? . Road-Master 1/38 Pale blue w/red interior; topless; white wall tires; celluloid windshield
M & D Distributers / China 2016 #428 1/43 Thunderbird Blue
2016 #429 1/43 Forest Red
2016 #427 1/43 Goldenrod Yellow
Majorette / China 1996 Platinum Series #4413 1/18 red w/white/black interior OR blue w/white & blue interior; white wall tires, doors, hood & trunk open. Steers 
MAR Line Toys - Japan 1950's
tin toy
black, lithographed tin including head & taillights
tin toy
Tin; Yellow OR Red OR Blue w/ printed dash & interior w/ orange seats w/white insert & red accents; metal steering wheel; friction motor 
StationWagon T-Bird
Tin; red w/black top; flat interior (no seats); hood scoop, hash marks & same bumpers as above MAR Line tbird ; friction motor; Stereo: parallel or X-eyed
1st Featured Model, 9/ 99
Marx / USA 1950s/60s? FORD THUNDERBIRD 1/34

5 1/8"x2.2"

Blue plastic with friction motor on front axles (front wheel drive!), wheels on axles, no chassis, bumpers, windshield & hood scoop painted gold color.
MatchBox / China 1997
red w/hearts embedded in clear soap; looks like "Summer" model inside soap.
Matchbox-AMT / China.
1955 Ford Thunderbird 1/16 Model Kit; red with black hardtop on box lid



Mattel-Matchbox / China

Red w/red & white interior, nice details, nice display box;  2 box styles, one larger than the other, same background scene.
1996 .
1/43 Silver w/red interior & white inserts, nice details; Special for Toronto Thunderbird Club limited 150 -- MOTH-06/00
1996 Oldies But Goodies Collection #DYG08-M 1/43  Thunderbird blue w/removeable white top 
1997 . #DYG08 1/43  Thunderbird blue w/removeable top; Special for Toronto Thunderbird Club limited 500; See Tbird UK's website for more special Dinky models
1997 . #DYG08 1/43  White w/removeable top; Special for Toronto Thunderbird Club limited 20
1998 Cruising with Coke Collection / Dinky 1/43 Black body and red hardtop; red hoodscoop; red hashmarks & pin stripe; "Coca Cola" & bottle on door; "Americans prefer Taste" written on fender; red & black interior
2000 CocaCola Collectible #96555 1/43 Red w/white top; coca cola graphics
2000 Platinum Edition 1/43 Diecast & plastic; thunderbird blue body and top; tbird blue & white interior
2001 Platinum series #92692-9996 1/43 Golden Rod yellow w/black & yellow interior; topless; packaged in tin(TBUK)
2001 Coke Collection 1/43 green; Coca-Cola large logos on front fenders; topless(BB)
2003 1955 Ford  Thunderbird; Ford 100th Anniversary #91656 1/43 Green with green hardtop; pkged with billboard ad from 1954; license plate "100"
2003 55 Thunderbird 1/43 Preproduction, unreleased, black with Coca~Cola logo on lower front fender; topless; red and white interior
MiniChamps . . . . see Paul's Model Art;  These models are produced in China by High Speed
MM / USA late 70's early 80's? Fairlane T-bird 1/18 Plastic Kit?; Black; 55 Ford Fairlane stripes molded into body; Only marks on chassis is MM; possibly Monogram?
MS Variety Co / Japan/China 2007 Ford 100th Anniversary 
1955 Ford Thunderbird
1/72 white; red and white interior; topless; Marketed in Japan as promotional for 100th aniversary Ford. no markings on chassis; In curved display box with paper label. New Mold
**MTC / China 1996 Diecast Sport Cars
2.5" pink w/red hearts on hood & stars on top; 8-spoke wheels highlighted with chrome; marked tc-8626 on chassis; in 5-pak
** Summer model
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*  Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"
?? = unknown or unmarked T-birds.

  If you don't see your classic t-bird model listed at all, Please send me e-mail with a description including the manufacturer/ country of origin / year made if known / size / general & specific description including color of body and interior and type of top, hub style, etc.  I also accept photos.

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