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The following is a listing of the classic 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbird models that have been released this year.  Some are new models and some are new paint jobs - I count both.  If you know of any others released this year, please e-mail me -- alinodot at omniport.net -- so I may add them to this list.
How to tell the difference between a 55, a 56 and a 57 Thunderbird
Scale Information
Links to pictures of the models will be  set up with their model names or descriptions if pictures are available.

1955 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name Manufacturer or Distributor / Country Scale Description
1955 Ford Thunderbird / Snow Village 
Dept. 56 / China 4.5" 
Ceramic; Black or Yellow; hardtop; chrome detailed; comes w/ small white plastic sign "Ford 1955 Thunderbird" the "Ford" is in a blue oval
'55 Thunderbird Convertible AM/FM Radio -#2867 J.S.N.Y / China  8.5" Plastic; Yellow w/ removable white top;black & white interior;doors open, steering wheel turns; car rolls; Radio knobs in engine compartment; battery powered 
'55 T-Bird  / China 4" 
Diecast; Red, Yellow, Blue; black plastic hardtop; tan interior;doors open
'55 T-Bird  / China 4" 
Diecast; Red, Yellow, Blue; topless; black plastic tonneau cover; tan interior;doors open
Thunderbird ss / China 1/34 Red or Blue w/whitehard top & 2 figures: gas station attendent & woman in dress [Ed. note: these are the 1997 SS5718 models with figures added]
Thunderbird ss / China 1/34 Red or Blue;topless & 2 figures: male driver & woman in shorts [Ed. note: these are the 1997 SS5718 models with figures added]
1955 Thunderbird Decanter Avon / USA  5 3/8" 
Glass after shave decanter;light amber w/light amber plastic lid; holds "Wild Country" After Shave lotion. Same mold as 1995 Avon blue bottle but NOT the same as the 1974/75 blue bottle.  Read Avon article
Classic Car Set - (slot car) Lemax / China  1/43 Plastic; red w/white hardtop; grey windows; upside down rear bumper; chassis unmarked; silver painted details; chrome bumpers; slot car set w/blue 57 chevy nomad; keyhole slot car track (October release)
1955 Ford Thunderbird Kinsmart / China  1/72 Red, yellow, blue, white or black;hardtop; white interior; friction motor; same set also found with keychains attached;1956  fender vents but marked at 1/64, 1955 Ford Thunderbird with 55 logos on nose, trunk, and by hashmarks
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1956 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name Manufacturer or Distributor / Country Scale Description
Crayola Pedal Car GearBox / China 4" Red & white w/ "crayola"on sides
Crayola Pedal Car GearBox / China 4" crayola box graphics in yellow & green
Crayola Pedal Car GearBox / China 4" yellow w/green trunk & writing on trunk & hood
Motor Trend Mint 24K Gold Racing Champion / China 3.25"  24K gold-plated; packaged w/ black & gold Chevy Emblem - (what a cut!!); gold-plated model stand; 1 of 9999.
Mini Engine Riking / China 2.75" 
Plastic; New colors; turquoise w/white top OR all-yellow OR all-grn; 55/56 same model as the early '98 Radio Grill; free wheeling (no friction motor); in 3-pak
Cruisin'Christmas - Heirloom Collection Carlton Cards / China 3.75" Lite Peacock blue w/top down; Has wrapped presents in pass. seat & on trunk. Has steering wheel & can make out radio knobs. Seats have a yellow cushion in seating area; Radio antenna looks like it retracks in body; Hub caps don't look just right; scarlet box w/little history on back of box 
MotorMax Collection - 1956 Thunderbird Red Box / China.  1/24 School bus yellow; tan interior; cont'l kit no top; wide whites opening hood, trunk & doors.
Motormax "Heavy Wheels" Redbox / China 1/64 Red w/white interior; doors open this is the old Zee(Zylmex) mold
56 T-bird / #189-45211 Busch / Germany 1/87 blk w/grey ST, red interl, wht dash OR teal w/tan ST, tan inter., white dash; Thunderbird written on both r/fenders, "MAG" wheels w/bw tires, skirts, chrome f & r bumpers, hubcap on cont. In a little plastic case. Sitting on cardboard platform 
. Kinsmart / China 1/72 see 1955 description above.
1957 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name Manufacturer or Distributor / Country Scale Description
White's Guide, #3 Mattel / Matchbox / China 1/64 Red w/ white interior; "February 1999" on trunk & "White's Guide Car of the Month #3" on hood; chromed plastic chassis; chrome hubs; limited to 2500
Star Car - Happy Days Mattel / Matchbox / China 1/64 Pink w/pink & white interior; "Pinky" on door& "Happy Days" on hood; Avon exclusive.
Hot Wheels - 50's Cruisers
(64K - scan by J.D.)
Mattel / Malaysia 1/64 Black w/yellow & orange flames on front end; gold lace wheels; in 5-pack: variations: chrome lace wheels; Customized set: chrome 5 spoke wheels
Hot Wheels - 50's Cruisers
(64K - scan by J.D.)
Mattel / Thailand 1/64 Black w/yellow & orange flames on front end; gold lace wheels; in 5-pack
Antique Car
Popular Imports / China 6.5" Polystone; golden yellow; soft top - looks like it needs restoration!
Windchime Popular Imports / China 2 7/8" 
Polystone; golden yellow; soft top; molded on "stone road" w/ 3 "brass" rod chimes dangling below w/ tire, hat, and gas can miniatures above rods 
57 Ford Thunderbird Model KIT #30064-100 AMT/ERTL 
1:16 Model Kit; main parts molded in a light grey w/chrome parts; box top & ends show photo of full-size yellow 57 w/white porthole top; sides show photos of completed teal w/black top model; released August 99; reissue of older mold
Electric HotWheels Racing - Slot Car Set Mattel / China 1/60 Plastic; yellow w/white porthole hardtop; no hood scoop;for H.O. slot car tracks; packaged w/blue(purple) 57 Chevy (mold was formerly a TYCO mold)- Magnum 440-H2 Twinpak
Toy Story 2 Chase 'N Crash #38093 tyco-Mattel / China 1/60 Plastic; light teal sides and top & white hood & trunk; silver 57 fairlane stripe; w/track and another slot car
Pepsi Cola
REF 290
Majorette / Thailand 1/58 Blue w/ white porthole top; red interior; Pepsi insignia on trunk, doors & "bottlecap" on top
Punch! - 57 T-bird
REF 290
Majorette / Thailand  1/58 Red w/ white flames on hood and sides; white porthole top; black interior; pkg. comes w/black & orange fist operated "punch" launcher
Tennessee VOLS 1957 Thunderbird / #19629 Ertl / China 1/ orange w/ white porthole top; Large white "T" on doors; from Collegiate Products
transformer "Little Head" AutoTech / China. 2 5/8"
.99 O.S.F.T.- TMGM - black with gold top; has cont'l kit- comes in set with other autos that transform into robot. #11D on chassis
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AVON Battle Bird,
Hot Wheels
Micro Models
 Racing Champions 
*  Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"

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