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Diecast, etc...  Classic Ford Thunderbirds
covering models for 1955, 1956, 1957
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The following is a listing of the classic T-bird toy models that have been released in 2008. 
Some will be new models and some will be new paint jobs & some are just new packages. 

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How to tell the difference between a '55, a '56 and a '57 Thunderbird
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Thunderbird Models
Scale or Size Information

1955 Thunderbird:
Model # - Name
Brand / Country Scale Description
1955 Ford Thunderbird
# KT 5319
Kinsmart / China 1:36 Red, blue, yellow or black; doors open, white interior, 4 sloted full chrome hub/wheel; black steering wheel; black gear shifter; 1955 on license plate; by Kintoy Die-casting Manufactory; pull back action toy;  New Model
Durham Classics Fairlane stripe prototype 55 . Durham Classics / Canada Announced in 2009 but released in 2010 - see 2010 page
1956 Thunderbird:
Model # - Name
Brand / Country Scale Description
1956 Ford Thunderbird; series III Motor Max / China 1/43 Yellow, topless; white interior with yellow seat inserts, chrome cont'l kit;  packaged in clear display case with stand.; license plate California: CAL 700
1956 Ford Thunderbird
American Grafitti Moments In Time
"DownTown"; series III
Motor Max / China 1/64 White; black interior; porthole hardtop; white wall tires; chrome cont'l kit; packaged with 3-D street scene of bank, camera shop, blond in blue dress, mail box, traffic light;  fire hydrant, etc...
1956 Ford Thunderbird American Graffiti series III Motor Max / China 1/24 White; white porthole hardtop; Black interior with white seat inserts; white wall tires; white cont'l kit; finally appeared in 2010
1956 Thunderbird in "American Classics" series Santa's Best / China 1/36 Plastic; Red; red and white interior; topless; Music Box activated by pressing button on trunk, plays "Fun, Fun, Fun"; comes with a wire hanger than can be removed.  dark red steering wheel.  License plate 1956.  Base is embossed with copyright by Santa's Best, Made in China, 1956 Thunderbird, used under license.  There is also a paper tag with "Code 0609" and 8080001-3.  The box has codes 601 246 and MSP 2009 along with the bar code. NEW MOLD
1956 Thunder Bird NScaleWorld / USA 1:134 (1:160)
Resin; Custom; Yellow, cream, pink, red, black, light blue, light green; Topless; non-rolling, for train layouts; hand painted; some may have hood scoop bezel painted silver; headlights painted white; tail lights may or may not be painted red
1956 Ford Thunderbird; #89012l for Portland Swapmeet 45th anniversary Crown Premiums 1/24 turquoise with white top; commemorating the 45th Portland Swap Meet, April 2009; white interior with turquoise seat inserts; tan steering wheel with chrome column and hornring.
1956 Ford Thunderbird; for University of Kentucky . Crown Premiums 1/24 blue with white top; University of Kentucky; blue and white interior
1956 Ford Thunderbird Busch 1:87 black with red interior; topless;  white line tires; chrome wheels; black steering wheel
1956 Ford Thunderbird Busch 1:87 red with black softtop; chrome 5 point star wheels., black interior
1956 Ford Thunderbird Busch 1:87 Peacock blue; topless; with white interior; white line tires; chrome wheels; black steering wheel
1957 Thunderbird:
Model # - Name
Brand / Country Scale Description
'57 Thunderbird Hot Wheels Mattel / Malaysia 1/64 Non- porthole silver grey; blue tint windshield,5-spoke chrome wheels, chrome chassis/bumpers;  Pennsylvania on the 
front fender, "2" or the rear fender below gas cap and the 
word "VIRTUE" printed on a red ribbon intertwined with gold curley cues 
 - on thedoors; 2 on hood with another red ribbon.  Comes with stacking display box; Connect Cars series - USA states.    (01/09)
Penn State  Thunderbird 2009
Color Brights
 Golden Wheel Diecasting / China 1/64 White with brown interior; 8-dot wheels; Made for Colors Bright Toys & Collectibles; 2009 on license plate; 1 of 2,000.
Father's Day '57 T-Bird Mattel / Malaysia 1/64 yellow with stylized red flames, #6 on hood and doors, 5-spoke wheels; exclusive to K-Mart stores.
American Muscle, Ertl Collectibles; 
Authentics, AMM926 1957 Ford Thunderbird
AutoWorld / China 1/18 Gunmetal Grey with red interior; grey porthole hardtop with red liner; license plate reads: GUNMTL; wire wheels;  released September 2009; numbered, limited edition of 500
57 Thunderbird Matchbox Mattel-Matchbox /  1/63 lime green with purple pink interior - released October 2009 in Nickelodean series "Fairly Odd Parents"; in 5 pack of cars

If you know of any other models that have been released this year, please e-mail me with a description - model/package # - Manufacturer - scale - Description including colors available,  & anything special about the car.  I will add it to the list
Lists: 1955 A-H 1955 I-M 1955 N-Z ?? 1956 A-F 1956G-J 1956K-N 1956 O-Z + ?? 1957 A-H 1957 I-R 1957 S-Z ?? Model Kits Hot Wheels
released in:  1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
AVON Battle Bird,
Hot Wheels
Micro Models
 Racing Champions Pewter

*  Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"
Caution.  It has come to my attention including observation from my own collection that light may damage the color on the plastic used in many of these models, by either fading or changing the color. If you display your models as I assume most of you want to do, keep your models in a dark room, away from sunlight or bright lights.

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