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Diecast, etc...  Classic Ford Thunderbirds
covering models for 1955, 1956, 1957
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new Models 
The following is a listing of the classic T-bird toy models that have been released in 2008. 
Some will be new models and some will be new paint jobs & some are just new packages. NFS on this website

How to tell the difference between a '55, a '56 and a '57 Thunderbird
Scale or Size Information

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1955 1956 1957
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Thunderbird Models

1955 Thunderbird:
Model # - Name
Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
1955 Ford Thunderbird . Yat Ming / China 1/43. Red - all red, topless, red sunvisiors, chrome wheels
1955 Ford Thunderbird . Yat Ming / China 1/43 Blue - all blue; topless, blue sunvisors, chrome wheels,
1955 Ford Thunderbird . Danbury Mint 1/24 Thunderbird Blue, detailed, hood, doors, trunk open, spare tire, fender skirts, removeable softtop. white wall tires.
1956 Thunderbird:
Model # - Name
Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
56 Ford Thunderbird American Graffiti set . MotorMax / China 1/24 White with red & white seats; new package only; Set with white truck and trailer
1956 Thunderbird #4064/4065  MotorMax for MotorMint / China 1/43 dark blue with white top; black interior;  There was another set of numbers across the chassis at the front axle #116546 - I couldn't tell if that # will change with each chassis or not.    The license plate is a yellow "California" plate with the letters CAL 700.  Above the #700, there are 2 license plate tags - 1 red and the other is black.  The black has the number "57" printed in it but I don't have a strong enough magnifier to read what was written in the red tag.  There is no front plate.
1956 Thunderbird "Chase" Muscle Machine 1/64 gray with black stripes along top of body, engine sticking out from hood. Black "wire-look" Dayton Wire wheels; Series 2 Pro-Chase vehicle.#64920; collector card
1956 Thunderbird "American Graffiti . Motor Max / China 1/24 yellow or red with tan interior - their standard issue model with the added graphics of "American Graffiti" on the rear quarter. Continental kit is packaged separately on inside of box.
1956 Thunderbird "American Graffiti photo by L. Bogdon MotorMax / China 1/43 All white with black seats and white inserts, black dash, chrome cont'l kit.  comes is display box labeled 1956 Ford Thunderbird;  "American Graffiti" in silver paint on rear quarter panel.
1957 Thunderbird:
Model # - Name
Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
Matchbox 1957 Ford Thunderbird  Mattel / Thailand 1/63 baby blue 57 released in a 10 pack; white interior - all exclusive colors to 10 pak.
1957 Thunderbird "Road Legends" . Yat Ming / China 1/18 dark blue with dark blue interior
1957 Thunderbird "Road Legends . Yat Ming / China 1/18 Black with full red interior
American Cruisers 1957 Thunderbird . Golden Wheel / China 1/64 Blue with white porthole hardtop, white flame graphics on sides and hood; 8-dot wheels; similar to the Valvoline tbird.  Comes with card with photo of gas station.

If you know of any other models that have been released this year, please e-mail me with a description - model/package # - Manufacturer - scale - Description including colors available,  & anything special about the car.  I will add it to the list
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*  Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"

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