Diecast, etc...  Classic Ford Thunderbirds
covering models for 1955, 1956, 1957
40 Models listed.

The following is a listing of the classic Thunderbird models that have been released this year.  Some are new models and some are new paint jobs.

How to tell the difference between a 55, a 56 and a 57 Thunderbird

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Thunderbird Models
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1955 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
1955 Thunderbird Road Signature YatMing / China 1/18  black w/black & white interior; white removeable hardtop; (BB)
Platinum series #92692-9996 Matchbox-Mattel 1/43 Golden Rod yellow w/black & yellow interior; topless; packaged in tin(TBUK)
Cars at Carlisle All Ford Show Banthrico / USA 7" / 18cm silver look diecast; stamped with "All Ford Nationals 2001" on roof; #'d limited edition of 100 - engraved on base; these are the same banks that Banthrico has been producing since 1974; photo shows plain pewter-look model(BD)
Coke Collection Matchbox-Mattel /  1/43 green; Coca-Cola large logos on front fenders; topless(BB)
Car Chains, Century Collection(BD) .TC Toys / Chna 1/64 pink or red; removeable keychain; packaged on a card like Hot Wheels; slightly larger than Kinsmart '55 model; solid black windows. (BD)
Car Chains, Hi Beams TC Toys / China. .1/64 pink, red, yellow; tuquoise; removeable keychain, "flashlight" - button on bottom of car.  slightly larger than Kinsmart '55 model; solid black windows.  small "license plate tag" included on card (BL)
Polonaise Komozja / Poland .6" blown glass Christmas ornament; yellow with black hardtop; marked on box as a 1956. (DL)
1955 T-Bird  Energy Promotions / China. 7". Fabric - Soft Sculpture, black with white top. embroidered details; exclusive to www.energypromotions.com(BD)
2001 Coke Coca Cola Holiday T Bird Carrier Truck Coca-Cola / China 1/43 Plastic (new mold), Red truck with covered trailer; white 55, red interior; topless t-bird and black 57 t-bird with continental kit; coca cola logos on cars;(DL)
Coca-Cola brand Freight Car Coca-Cola - K-Line - YatMing / China 1/43 Red; white interior;  with white Coca-Cola logo on lower front quarter panel. 3 cars sitting on flatbed railcar; 
also issued a 6 car carhauler freight car with 6 red 55 T-birds.

1956 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name
Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
American Graffiti Revell /  1/24 white; white porthole hardtop; diecast carhop figure included
Snap-On Street Rod bank Crown Premiums/ China 1/24 Cream with white porthole top; black & white interior; 
  tinted rear window & portholes; tinted rear window & portholes; no bullets on front bumper; 56 bumper without continental kit & extension; Snap-on logo on trunk & door. license plate "1956"
Trustworthy Hardware StreetRod  Bank Crown Premiums/ China 1/24 Orange with brown porthole top; tan interior; no "bullets" on front bumper;  no continental kit; Trustworthy logo on doors; license plate: "2001"
Yellow Freight  Bank Crown Premiums / China 1/24 orange (lighter than the Trustworthy model) with black porthole top;orange & white interior; HAS continental kit; Y.F. logo on doors and trunk; license plate: "2001"
56 Thunderbird City Cruisers NewRay 1/43 yellow; no continental kit; topless; black seats w/ white inserts; OR red or blue with white seat and red inserts
56 Thunderbird City Cruisers photo by Steve Legel NewRay 1/43 yellow; no continental kit; topless; black seats; bumpers & wheels & steering wheel are painted silver (no chrome)
56 Thunderbird City Cruisers NewRay 1/43 red or blue with white seats & red seat inserts, continental kit, topless 
OR yellow with black seats/white inserts; chrome wheels, bumpers, & steering wheels
IAPA Bank Crown Premiums / China 1/24. Red w white top, white continental kit::not a retail item
Drag Specialty Street Rod Crown Premiums / China 1/24 blue stylized flames on black car; straight bumpers, no continental kit
Heatcraft Street Rod Crown Premiums / China 1/24 black with white top, red interior; straigth bumpers, no continental kit
Slot car Carrera 1/32 yellow with white hardtop; driver;(CKG)
1956 Thunderbird Motor Max 1/24 black
1956 Thunderbird Dream Car Schuco / China 1/24 black with white porthole hardtop; red & white interior (same mold as Crown Premiums)
1956 Thunderbird Street Rod Schuco / China 1/24 yellow with red flames on side and hood, no cont'l kit; straight bumpers front & rear (same mold as Crown Premiums models)
1956 T-bird Busch / Germany  1/87 Black with red top; red interior

1957 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
HW Turbo Taxi #3 Mattel 1/64. yellow w/white side flames & orange check squares along sides; PORTHOLE hardtop; orange windshield; "Tads Taxi" on side; hw logo on rear quarter panel; 3-spoke wheels; a 2001 issue but found in very late 2000.(BD)Variation: Non-porthole
HW Pavement Pounder Mattel 1/64 red w/#9 in gold letter on door white stripe on bottom from back of front wheel well to just beyond rear wheel well. Wide gold stripe on side from end of front bumper to front of rear wheel well;NON-portholehardtop; with Carrier w/red cab, purple bed with 'DEADMANS CURVE'on side. (BD/AJ)
Marilyn Monroe & Thunderbird #39902 Corgi / China 5" Silver-grey metallic w/blue pearl clearcoat & hint of green; topless; white interior w/pink seat inserts; ww tires, cont'l kit; figure of Marilyn Monroe in white dress
Hot Wheels Power Launcher / #65868 Mattel / ? 1/64 Red; gold stripes on hood; no porthole (BD)
Hot Wheels Rock & Roll Cafe #88463 Asst.65808 Mattel /  1/64 Burgandy; non-porthole hardtop; side tampos of long, black and silver wavy stripes; 3-spoke wheels(BD)
Speed Weeks Set Brooklin / England 1/43 blue Battle Bird on trailer pulled by blue 52 Ford wagon
Elvis Presley Graceland diorama Matchbox/Mattel /  1/64 yellow topless; grey interior (same as yellow matchbox 2000); part of Graceland series (BD)
Crazy for the Bloom Patsy Cline Matchbox/Mattel 1/64. red convertible;  "Crazy for the Bloom" on trunk; box marked:  May 2001 Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. (BD)
Kool Toyz, Hot Wheels, Super Race Rigs
#087 07 0366. 
Mattel/ China 1/64 lavender blue; no port hole, with flames on side in yellow, , other vehicles in package have picture of the 57 Bird on their side. Exclusive to Target  1998 chassis date(BD)
Kool Toyz, Hot  Wheels, Power 
 #087 07 1244.
Mattel/ China 1/64 metallic purple; no port hole, with flames on side in yellow, chrome 3-spoke wheels; clear windshield; yellow  logo on doors; comes with some black track, a Chevy and the power launcher; Exclusive to Target;  1998 chassis date (DL)
Mel's Operating Drive-In 
Diner #30-9105
Ertl - MTH / China .1/48 red with white porthole top; whitewall tires; Set includes mechanical Mel's diner with carhops and black 57 Chevy plus lights(LV)
2001 Coke Coca Cola Holiday T Bird Carrier Truck ?? / China 1/43 Plastic (new mold), Red truck with covered trailer; black 57 with white hardtop & interior with continental kit; Coca Cola logos on cars; with 55 white tbird; licensed product of Coca Cola(DL)
HW Pavement Pounder Mattel /  1/64 Light orange w/ black stylized flame graphic on sides; smoke windshield; 3 spoke wheels. Treasure Hunt. on tan car carrier with light orange cab. Carrier labeled "40th Desert Team Challenge"
HW Nascar Racing Mattel /  1/64 Yellow; Nesquick #10 graphics on side; new wheel style; wide white walls (actually part of 2002 series but released early)
Ford 57 Thunderbird Yat Ming / China 1/18 School bus yellow; black seats with white inserts; (only available in Canada as far as we know)

If you know of any other models that have been released this year, please e-mail me with a description - model/package # - Manufacturer - scale --- Description including colors available  & anything special about the car.  I will add it to the list.
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*  Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"

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