Diecast, etc...  Classic Ford Thunderbirds
covering models for 1955, 1956, 1957
41 Models listed

The following is a listing of the classic Thunderbird models that have been released this year.
Some are new models and some are new paint jobs.

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Concept Models
RUMORS:  When or Will these appear?
Playing Mantis Series (Johnny Lightning), Rock & Rollers. Comes with a CD of "Fun, Fun, Fun"
- not a rumor any more but it's a 1963 Thunderbird! very limited edition
1955 -1/18 scale from Ertl - the Ford Precision 100 series - possibly 2002? - not a 55 but a 57
1955 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name
Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
Official Year 2000 Shell Credit Card Issue . SS (Superior/ Sunnyside) / China 1/32  Yellow w/Shell Oil Company graphics; black tonneau cover; blk & wht interior; topless; comes alone or w/ Shell truck & car carrier which has working lights - battery operated, made by Taylor Made Trrrucks); catalog listed as a 1956 Thunderbird; model is SS 5718; box has 1926 Shell graphics - appears to be exclusive from Toy Truck Collector catalog at this time.
Ford Thunderbird 1955 -Road Legends Collector's Edition / 94243-A . Yat Ming / China 1/43 Blue or Yellow; topless; white interior; narrow white wall tires; detailed; #94228 on chassis; also available in a truck & trailor set w/3 other models. Also in 3 pack with a 2000(Concept) and a 1966 Thunderbird. set #94607G
CocaCola Collectible #96555 . MatchBox / China 1/43 Red w/white top; coca cola graphics
Millennium edition . Yat Ming / China 1/18 Gold plated; cream interior w/lite gold seat inserts; white top trimmed w/ gold; brown steering wheel; still has windwings & white(not cream) sunvisors (if Yat MIng only knew the 55's didn't come w/sv & wws.) 1 of 9999 - It's a beauty, anyway!
EJ Racway . Kinsmart/ China 1/64 Blue, white, yellow, or black; in blister paks with another model. packaged version of the Kinsmart model from late 1999
55 thunderbird . Kinsmart/ China 1/64 New color added to line: light green; see 1999 list for more details
Texaco . SS (Superior/ Sunnyside) / China 1/32 Red, topless; black tonneau cover; Texaco logos
Chicago CTCI Convention Special . SS (Superior/ Sunnyside) / China 1/32 Red or Yellow; issued to registrants at CTCI convention
Schlitz contest car . Durham Classics Automotive Miniatures / Canada 1/43 White; topless; red & white interior; CTCI Convention special - also shown in pic is coming yellow 55 from Durham - 
Sears Transport set . SS (Superior/ Sunnyside) / China 1/32 Red w/ red car hauler, Holidays 2000 special
55 t-bird . SS (Superior/ Sunnyside) / China 1/32 Metallic bright blue - new Color for old model
'55 Thunderbird(stereo:X-eyed) . Durham Classics / Canada 1/43 Torch Red w/red & white interior OR Thunderbird Blue w/aqua & white interior OR GoldenRod yellow w/black & yellow interior OR Raven Black w/ black & white interior;limited edition of 200 each [note: the 2002 Thunderbird will have similar color interior combos except the white will be black]
Art Car Holidays Are Santas World . Kurt S. Adler, Inc. / China .3.5in. or 8.8cm Resin, solid;light blue w creamy yellow top; stylized w/Chev rearend; license plate "2000"; top is odd; incised "60's style" graphics all over
Platinum Edition . Mattel-MatchBox / China .1/43 Diecast & plastic; thunderbird blue body and top; tbird blue & white interior
Platinum Series . Matchbox/Dinky / China 1/43 Goldenrod
1956 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name
Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
Kool Toyz Diecast Vehicles Maisto (May Cheong Toy Products Fty, Ltd.) / China 4.5" white w/ red interior; pull back; black cont'l kit; porthole hardtop; in 5-pak; Target special
MOTM 2004
Road & Track American Classics Maisto / China 1/64 Red with no chrome; also found in R&T "2-car value pak"; Road & Track brand is exclusive to Walmart Stores. 
Motor Works Limited Edition #137 Maisto 1/64 Red; same as road & track version above - 1956 T Bird #15001
Polonaise Komozja / Poland 6 1/4" blown Glass, red; same as blue Polonaise from 1998
American Graffiti 1956 T-bird Model Kit Revell / China 1/24 White; metal kit; in display box
City Cruiser Collection / 1956 Thunderbird photo by Steve Legel New Ray / China 1/43 Blue; topless; white/blu & black interior; no cont'l kit. 
Snap-On Tools 56 T-bird . Crown Premiums / China 1/24 Black w/red & white interior; well detailed engine & chassis; "seat belts" crossed on seats; white porthole hardtop; red tool chest "bank" in trunk and key; red "snap-on" logo on Cont'l kit; Xmas special for customers with tool purchase. Excellent model!!
Tonka #9 of 50 / Collection 2 Hasbro/Maisto / China 1/64 Black w/black porthole top; w/red & white graphic: streak length of sides at top; U graphic on hood "Tonka copyright2000 Hasbro" in white on chassis; smoke windows
1957 Thunderbirds:
Model # - Name
Manufacturer / Country Scale Description
Wild Race Teams / #68993 Mattel / China 1/64 Blue; white hot wheel logo on trunk;clear windshield & interior; non porthole hardtop; chrome 3-blade wheel; chrome chassis; New MOLD DATE: 1998 on bottom 
1957 Thunderbird
#16 Great Drivers Series
Mattel-Matchbox / China 1/64 yellow; topless; grey interior; grey cont'l kit
1957 Thunderbird
#16 Great Drivers Series
Mattel-Matchbox / China 1/64 VARIATION of above Matchbox; yellow; topless; grey interior - "Matchbox 2000" printed on cont'l kit - limited to 10,000
Micro Collection Lucky Yeh International LTD. / China (Hong Kong) 1 7/16" Yellow, stamped portholes, wide tires, mag type wheels, all dark glass, stamped in skirts, on card w/ 6 models; similar to the Funrise model - see micro article
Hot Wheels "Treasure Hunt" 57 T-Bird . Mattel / Malaysia 1/64 Metallic bright green w/ black "corvette cove" graphics on doors;TH 2000 in silver star on door; black hood graphics with same star; black hood scoop; all black is outlined with silver; PORTHOLE top; yellow tint windows; logo on rear quarter panel, in silver; deep dish chrome wheels. bw tires; issue #8 (August) but some found their way to market in May; "1977" chrome base; NOTE 4 variations: (1)unchromed chassis; (2)Wheel variation - Lace rear wheels; (3)Card variation: International card: "special edition;" (4) Also - rumor of NON-PORTHOLE hardtop variation 
Hot Wheels Electric Racing / #96627 . Mattel / China 1/43 Plastic; metallic red; fake air intake attached to hood; slot car; comes in "Turbo TwinPack" w/blue '60 Corvette
Road Signature / Diecast Metal Collection / Deluxe Edition /Ford 1957 Thunderbird
YatMing / China 1/18 Blue OR Yellow; w/ continental kit?!, chrome cover; w/cream NON-porthole hardtop; Tan & cream interior; white sunvisors; hubcaps similar to original but no "FORD" on them. Now for another goof on their part - a tach added to the steering column!! FIRST 1/18th scale 57 Diecast ever made!!
Road Signature Collection / Deluxe Collection / Diecast Metal / Ford 1957 Thunderbird YatMing / China 1/18 Red OR White [stereo // or X-eye] OR StarMist Blue OR yellow; w/ continental kit! , chrome cover on kit; w/cream PORTHOLE hardtop; black & cream interior; white sun visors; hubcaps like above + added "FORD" to centers. tach added to the steering column! weird!
Union Pacific Auto Carrier w/T-Birds . Ertl/MTH / China 1/43 black w/ black interior; 4 cars on double decker "O" guage railcar ; special issue from TTOS Southwestern Division
Hot Wheels 57 T-bird / #217 . Mattel / Malaysia 1/64 metallic purple w/ same flame tampo as 1999 model; blue tint windows; orange HW logo- rear quarter panel; silver lace wheels; chrome 1977 chassis; -Watch Petty Race- in lower right corner ooof card
Hot Wheels 57 T-bird / #217 . Mattel / Malaysia 1/64 metallic purple; no tampos! no logo; variation of above #217
HW Pavement Pounders #89850-93 . Mattel /  1/64 White;w/ side markings hardtop, sits on back of transporter; 3-spoke wheels
There has been a reissue of the Monogram Model Kit "Predicta" .

If you know of any other models that have been released this year, please e-mail me with a description - model/package # - Manufacturer - scale --- Description including colors available,  & anything special about the car.  I will add it to the list.
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*  Some cars are rather generic for 1955 & 1956 ie. have characteristics of both years.  If you don't see your model listed in the '56 list it may be in the '55 list.  Manufacturer of many of those models is also hard to determine so distributor's name is listed which is why some models look the same but have different "manufacturers"

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