MONOPOLY® GAME: Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Positioning:      This 50th anniversary collector's edition of the Monopoly game gives Thunderbird collectors and enthusiasts the chance to own 22 of the most popular T-Birds spanning 50 years.
·          Customized Monopoly Game showcases 22 of the most popular T-Birds from 1955 to 2005.
·          T-Bird is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2005.
·          Includes six custom pewter tokens including a hardtop, fins, continental kit, front grille, steering wheel and taillight.
·          Familiar Monopoly game play.
·          Enjoy the ultimate fantasy of owning the top 22 most celebrated T-Birds.
·          Perfect gift for special occasions (birthdays, graduations, Father's Day and Christmas)
·          Collectible pewter tokens
·          The first T-Bird was introduced in 1955.
·          The T-Bird was the first sports car produced positioned to compete directly with the Corvette.
·          Over 5,500 Thunderbird Club members in the United States.
·          1.2 million Thunderbirds have been sold since the original introduction of the 1955 model.
·          The 1955-1957 Thunderbirds are the most collected automobiles ever built - over 66% preserved to date.
·          Thunderbird is ingrained in American pop culture and was featured in several movies and songs: American Graffiti, Beach Boys, James Bond: Die Another Day.
Target Audience:     Thunderbird collectors, primarily baby boomers - 50% male, 50% female and their friends and families
Game Play:        Thunderbird enthusiasts will acquire 22 of the most sought after and desired T-Birds as they travel around the board. Players properties will be improved by adding "Garages" and ultimately "Showrooms" to incrementally increase the value of their owned properties.
Box Top:           Non-traditional - photograph of a 1957 T-Bird.
Platform:          Photograph of the 1955, 1956 and 1957 Thunderbirds.
Board Center:   Photograph of a 1955 Thunderbird
Board Properties:
Purple:               2005 (50th Anniversary) & 2002 Concept Car
Light Blue:          2001 Concept Car, 1995 (40th Anniversary) & 1990 (35th Anniversary)
Magenta:           1985 (30th Anniversary), 1980 (25th Anniversary) & 1975 (20th Anniversary)
Orange:             1970 (15th Anniversary), 1967 & 1966
Red:                  1965 (10th Anniversary), 1964 & 1963
Yellow:              1962, 1961 & 1960
Green:               1959, 1958 & 1957
Dark Blue:          1955 Thunderbird and the 1956 Thunderbird
Railroads:            Four personalized antique automobile plates (TBD)
Comm Chest:      1955 Thunderbird emblem
Chance:             50th Anniversary Thunderbird patch
Electric Co:         Classic Thunderbird Club International
Waterworks:       Vintage Thunderbird Club International
Income Tax:       Thunderbird Registration
Luxury Tax:        Car Show Entrance Fee
Custom Money:          Customized Mr. Monopoly
Dice:                           Standard (white with black pips)
Houses:                       Houses are renamed Garages (50's T-Bird green)
Hotels:                         Hotels are renamed Showrooms (red)
Pewter Tokens:            hardtop, fins, continental kit, front grille, steering wheel and taillight
Rules:               Includes brief description of what's the same and what's different.