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Classic Thunderbird Collectibles
1955, 1956, 1957
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Collectibles List
1955, 1956, 1957
Ford T-bird

Covers fabric, clothing, household items such as clocks, lighters, ties, frames, purses, cards, posters, calendars, tin signs, ...

2002-2005 Retrobird Collectibles
archived Classic T-bird Collectibles for 2003 & 2004

The following is a list only of items found on the market - For your Information ONLY
NOT FOR SALE from this website.*I do NOT sell any of these items.
List is for the collector. 
Value Column has been added where retail price or current market value  is known. Use it only  as a guideline when you are buying an item

Items with white backgrounds are the newest finds. 

Photo Classic 
Type Description Retail Value*
2012 1956 Fabric Turquoise 55 in road scene with other cars on 100% cotton fabric.  From Windham Fabrics "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles" line by American Vintage, pattern #35352.  Appears to be gone from the market place.  There were other coordinating fabrics in the line, 2 of which also had the tbird on them.
2014 . 1956 2015 Calendar White 56 on cover, From Old Cars Weekly

1955 Snowglobe and
Red 55 commemorating Route 66 on background of Rt 66 map.
Snowglobe came out around 2010 and is still available(2014) from Rt.66 stores along the route.  You may also find a keychain with the same artwork.  Reported by Steve Legel

Photo Classic Year  Type Description Retail
2007 ? 1956 Record Cover 45rpm record cover for the single, "Looking for the Hi-D-Ho", sung by Tinker Carlen (not really sure of actual year this was recorded and released but appears to have been between 2000 and 2007.  a product from Lubbock, TX. Back side of record has the single "Raining in my Heart" sung by Tinker Carlen and Sherry Holley Adams. The Hi-D-Ho was a  drive-in restaurant of the 50s and 60s in Lubbock, TX.
2013 . Calendar
2013 . Calendar
2013 Calendar
2013 Calendar
2008 1955 puzzle Scramble Squares: "Classic Cars" 9 piece puzzle to put together with a turquoise 1955 Tbird with white porthole hardtop, red corvette, black mustang and green 57 Chevy.  Not as easy as it looks.   copyright 2004-2008 by b.dazzle, inc. Redondo Beach, CA  http://www.b-dazzle.com
2012 1957 2013 Calendar "Ford classics; White 57 with white porthole hardtop for month of September; from Comda.com; printed in Canada; submitted by Steve Legel
2012 1956 2013 Calendar "Highway Memories"; metallic blue 1956 Thunderbird with matching porthole hardtop for month of April ; by Hotline Products USA; submitted by Steve Legel
2012 1955 2013 Calendar "Road Warriors"; silver metallic 1955 modified / Customized Thunderbird; for month of August;  red interior; by Comda.com; submitted by Steve Legel..
2012 1956 Poster Elvis in white 1956 Tbird with black hardtop; Memphis CTCI  convention poster $5
2012 1956 Calendar Poster 2012/2012  poster calendar from Hills Classic Restorations; promo at CTCI International Convention this year ?
2012 . 2002-2005 Sculpture Acrylic light sculpture of retrobird
200? . 1957 Puzzle Puzzle produced for Thunderbird USA Parts some years ago. ?
2010 . 1955 Card Program Make your own greeting cards with 1000s of graphics including 55 Tbird graphic; Greeting Card Factory Deluxe, Version 8; search "classic cars" on the program.  Do not know if it's on later versions of this program.
2012 . 1957 DVDs DVD set of Robert Urich in Vega$ episodes, 3rd season
2012 2002-2005 Calendar 2012  Calendar for ThunderbirdNest members
2011 2003 2012 Calendar "Road Warriors"'; Red customized 2003 Thunderbird  with non-porthole hardtop; styled wheels for month of November; by Comda.com; submitted by Steve Legel
2011 2002-2005 Calendar 2012 Thunderbird Concepts calendar with photos of customers' T-birds
2011 2002 Calendar Gift set  Ford officially licensed set contained a nice coffee mug with blue racing stripes and a Ford Blue Oval, a package of hot chocolate and a small 2012 calendar featuring the new Boss 302 on the cover with the words DRIVING THROUGH THE DECADES on the top and FROM 1950 - PRESENT at the bottom.  02 Tbird blue is September photo in Calendar.  submitted by Paul Thomas, Found at Big Lots.  [submitted by Paul Thomas]
2011 . 1956 Magazine March 2012.  "Ol' Skool Rodz"  has cover of 56 Thunderbird. pg 26 and 27 article on history of 1950's (both generations) of thunderbird w/photos of 56, 57 and 58 T birds. p 40 2 page article about readers custom ride.
2011 1957 tin picture side view of grey 1957 Thunderbird on black background.  Found at Hobby Lobby $15
2011 55-57 Coat Rack Red 55 in resin on wood placque with 4 wood knob hangers.  Found at Hobby Lobby $29
2011 1955-57 Coat rack/hooks Thunderbird emblem with two coat hooks.  Found at Hobby Lobby $19
2011 1955, 1956, 1957 Calendar 2012 CTCI 50th Anniversary Calendar by AutoFocus Graphics for CTCI.org;   55-57 tbirds; black 56 on cover $25
2001 1956 music CD "The Rock and Roll Era" Christmas Hits with a Red 56 on the cover and Santa Claus in the seat;  By Time LIfe.  Found at Staples. has been on the market since 2001. Still available. $8
2011 2002 Calendar 2012 Exotic Sports Cars, Inspiration Yellow 2002  for the month of December 2011.
2011 1957 Calendar 2012 Ford Classics calendar by Comda features willow green 57 with white hardtop for the month of November
2011 1956 Calendar 2012 Convertible Cruisin' calendar by Hotline Products USA, red 1956 Tbird for May
2011 2002-2005 Calendar 2012 Thunderbird Calendar featuring various parts of the Thunderbird.  Very limited Edition for Florida TBN event -----
2011 1956 Calendar 2011/2012 poster calendar from Hills Classic Restorations; promo at CTCI conventions this year free to attendees
2011 2002-2005 Calendar 2011 Calendar for ThunderbirdNest members
2010 . 1956 Calendar 2011 Thomas Kincade daily desk Calendar, Oct 4, 2011, Mountain Memories with red 56 Tbird
2010 2002-2005, 1957 Calendar 2011 Calendar for Thunderbird Concepts customers
2010 1955-1957 Calendar 2011 Calendar by BATOC for CTCI members - California Missions with 55-57 Thunderbirds. $15
2009 1955 Scene from Dept 56 Halloween series: Not a diecast but a  sculptured 3-D Scene with a black 55 Ford sitting on top of a black 55 Thunderbird in front of "Rusty's Used Cars" shack and a revolving red VW convertible on a pole. Introduced in December 2009. $125
2010 . 1955 card deck Rt 66 theme on back of deck of cards $3
2010 1955 snow globe Rt 66 snow globe with red 55 and "Burgers" sign, Base has 3-D 55 on Main Street of America scenery in 3-D $10
2010 1955 picture frame Red 55 in 3-D on Mother Road 66 frame with motorcycle; distributed by www.smith-southwestern.com $10
2010 2002-2005 card red generic type retrobird in 3-D by Papyrus $7
2010 1957 Ornament Wooden laser cut 57 tbird in circle $5
2010 1956 Suncatcher White 56 handpainted on glass by AMIA Studios, made in China, headquartered n Denver Colorado..; Oval on chain
2010 2002-2005 calendar 2010 Calendar for ThunderbirdNest members ~
2009 2002-2005 calendar 2010 Calendar for Thunderbird Concepts customers ~
2009 . 1955-1957 calendar 2010 Calendar by BATOC Thunderbird Club for CTCI members $15
2009 1955 Brochure TXDOT issue long card with red 55 advertising new license plates for TX free
2009 1956 Book Hello Kitty, book of short stories.  Last chapter of Kitty taking a drive across the USA in a red 56 Tbird. $7
2009 1955 Paper Cut-out Free download available on the net of a 1955 Thunderbird; Cut it out and glue it together. free
2008 1957 Pin Blue '57 T'bird; Hard Rock Cafe pin for Biloxi, MS, 2008 ?
2008 1956 Brochure Chubb's Insurance - 2 page spread of rear of yellow 56 along with other classic cars
200? 1957 Birthday Card by American Greetings; bronze 57; topless; white interior plus 2 other cars $3
2009 1955 Birthday Card Four 55s on front of card with license plate: GRANDSON; American Greetings Card, Tender Thought Greetings;  photo by Steve Legel
2009 1955 Kids Meal Box Yellow 55 with side flames of orange, Steak and Shake 75th Anniversary, set of stickers of sheet; photo by Steve Legel $1
2009 1955 Kids Meal Box Green with side flames of purple, white, yellow and orange, Steak and Shake 75th Anniversary, set of stickers on sheet $1
2009 1955 Kids Meal Box Blue withyellow flames on nose and sides, Steak and Shake 75th Anniversary, set of stickers on sheet.
Boxes come flat to be put together
2005 1955 magazine Cover of  House & Garden, white 55 front half., July 2005 issue $1 to $3
2004 to
1956 Children's books Hello Kitty activity books for children
Activity Book with Pull-Out Poster & Growth Chart with 30 stickers ~ 1 inch sticker of blue tbird
Activity Book with Pull-Out Poster & Growth Chart with 45 stickers~ 3.5 inch sticker of blue tbird
288 Page Coloring and Activity Book~ 1 black and white page of the tbird in a beach scene
Giant Sticker Activity Book with 700 stickers~1 large glossy colored page of the blue tbird and 2 large blue stickers
$3 to $12
2009 1955/56? Puzzle 500 piece puzzle on the market. Comes in a tin.  Artwork features a red Mustang, green Ford truck, and an orange or pink (can't quite tell what color) 55 or 56 with Dan's Drive-in in the background.  Artwork is by Dan Hatala.  Manufactured for www.masterpiecesinc.com  Part of series of 4 Classic Puzzles app$10
2009 1955 Key holder Silhouette of 55 with extended bumper and continental kit; and 4 hooks for keys $7.00
2009 photo by Herb Barry 1956 Gift Bag Pink with white top 56 on black and white argyle design gift bag for Father's Day.  Find at Dollar Tree stores. $1.00
2009 scan by Steve Legel 1957 magazine Auto Trader Classic Cars and Parts, April 2009, Coral Sand on cover with 4 page article  -[reported by D. Woodcock and Steve Legel] .
2004 1955 kitchen appliances NOT ON THE MARKET  - visit Radidesign.com to view  the retro kitchen appliances:
grill, blender, toaster, and oven.  Designed in 2004, rejected; proposed again for 2010 probably not going to happen.
2008 . 1955 Puzzle artwork of Santa in his ChristmasWorkshop with toy 55 tbird in hand and other Fords on workbench by Serendipity $5-$10
2008 1957 magazine ad Two page ad for lot #817 in the Barret Jackson Auction October 2008.  Picture of white 57 and 2 models; photo by Sarah Kehoe ~ in M ~ the Lifestyle Magazine of MGM Mirage.  cover is of Criss Angel; Fall 2008 Volume 6 #4 ~(found by Steve Legel) $6
2008 55-57 calendar 2009 Calendar by BATOC $13
2008 55-57 calendar 2009 Produced by "Giftco Inc."  Vernon Hills, Illinois Calendar for Fund Raisers.
back of calendar
2008 1955/56 card Red t-bird used 3 times on card; by Andrew MacMeel Publishing $3
2008 1955/56 card Father's Day card; Blue 55/56 on front; previously issued with green tbird on front;
2008 1955 card Birthday card for dad, portion of red 55 on cover; American Greetings $4
2008 . 1955 magazine Barrett Jackson "Lifestyle magazine"  cover has George Watts '55 Thunderbird  auctioned off in January at Scottsdale AZ at $660,000
2008 1956 jewelry pin with Santa and reindeer in red metal flake 1956 Tbird, topless.  Santa wearing sun glasses. License plate says Noel.  $4 - $10
2008 1957 Card Birthday Card with white 57 Tbird;"Just for you" line from American Greetings, plays 50's rock and roll.   ( found by Steve Legel)
2008 1955 Wall Decor Wall Poster kit: Blue 55 Thunderbird - large - party decor from Target; Finally picked up one and it's worth the price though you do have to put it together.  The finished size after you glue the tbird poster to the cardboard backing that comes in the kit is approx. 11 feet x 4 feet.  It can be displayed on the wall or set up on the floor.  Directions, Cardboard, spray glue, tape, glue gun, and exacto knife are included with the kit.  Still available December 2010
"1954 Thunderbird Decoration Kit"
2008 1955-2005 Calendar 2009 Calendar from Rocky Mountain Thunderbird Club for club members $23
2008 1956 Art Mountain Memories by Thomas Kinkade with rear view of 1956 red Ford Thunderbird, several sizes available on canvas.  Also an oversized postcard available at much less cost. March 2008 release, copyrighted 2007. $1000+
2007 . 1955 Calendar 2008 Calendar - Route 66 Pocket Calendar with red 55 for April
1989 1957 Jukebox The "SongBird" - Rear view of fiberglass 57 Thunderbirdd houses a 45rpm record changer or CD mechanism for a Jukebox by Carson City Parlour Manufacturing of Minnesota (no longer in business) - 5 colors - pink or turquoise or red or starmist blue or white - built in 1989.  $3000 to $6000
2008 1956 ornament Blown glass ornament - 1956 Thunderbird in Blue with white top or Red with white top.  "Old World Ornaments" made in China. 4 inches. $9
2007/8 1956 key ring gold tone keyring - suncatcher style; red with white top $4
2008 1956 Brake Fluid Label on DOT 5 brake fluid by ASG - white 1956
2008 1956 Magazine Delta Airlines "SKY" magazine - cover and page 43 - placed in their planes for passengers
2008 . 1956 Magazine
2008 . Magazine
2008? . 2005 Wall Paper Large single graphic of Bronze 05 for wall
. . . . . .
2007 2002-2005 Calendar 2008 Calendar for members of Thunderbirdnest.com
2007 1955, 1957 drink coasters Set of 4 stone coasters with different tbirds on each, packaged with stand. Produced for GiftCo Inc, Vernon Hills, Illinois for Fund Raisers such as schools use. ?
2007 1955 2008 Calendar Snap-On 2008 Calendar
2007 1955-1957 2008 Calendar 50th Anniversary of club member Thunderbirds - All classic tbirds - $13
2007 1957 2008 Calendar Mousepad Calendar - Month of June has pink 57 from Studio 18 $7
2007 1957 2008 Calendar Classic Cars, pink 57 for one month, from Studio 18.  $7
2007 1957 2008 Calendar American Classics with red 57 on cover. photos by Dan Lyons, published by Avalanche Publishing www.avalanchepub.com
2007 1955 2008 Calendar Cars of Yesteryear - red 55 on cover and for month of June
2007 1955 2008 Calendar Day by Day calendar with red 55 on box lid
2007 1955-1957 2008 Calendar Thunderbirds calendar with 55-57 T-birds.  Old Ford photos.
Produced by "Giftco Inc."  Vernon Hills, Illinois Calendar for Fund Raisers such as schools use - sold out from publisher
2007 1955-2005 2008 Calendar  photos of classic to retro tbirds with coral sand 57 on cover $23/$28
2007 1955 2008 Calendar with Thunderbird Blue 55 - "Classics Ultimate Automobiles" mini Calendar
2007 . 1957, 2002-05 Blankets 57 rear in Blue/Black OR 2002-05 in Red/Black with designsWoven in, soft, fleece like.  Exclusive to http://www.tbirdroadster.com/  This is the company that held a poll last fall to decide which designs to use. $30
2005-2007. .. . memorabilia list with photos from 2005 to 2007
to 2004
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* Retail value is subjective as some sellers will sell just above their wholesale cost and others will sell at suggested retail price or some items will not sell until they are discounted to half or more.  I really don't like to post values as the market fluctuates and I don't like "setting" a value that may go up or down depending on availability.  I decided to post these values to give the collector some idea of how much to anticipate spending if they find this item and may feel lucky if they are able to obtain the item for less.

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