Looking for any missing information in the following, or cups not listed.  Right now I'm concentrating on the different ceramic/china or metal mugs made with images of the 55-57 Thunderbird.  coming are lists for cookie jars, banks, glassware.
Some of these are in my collection, some not.

About:  Many coffee mugs are generic mugs with different graphics printed on them.  You will find listed here,  the company that made the mug, or, the "brand" will mean who is responsible for the graphic, some are custom graphics on generic mugs. 

Cookie jars, banks, coffee cups, plates, glass
1955, 1956, and 1957
Ford Thunderbird
Coffee Cups, mugs
Photo Brand Year Description Brand Year Description
1955 Thunderbird
souvenir cup
2000s Blue 55 on Texas panhandle attraction map; graphic on both sides, Amarillo, Texas; Route 66; ceramic; made 2000+ na 2003 Blue 55; CTCI regional convention logo in Catskills, NY ; "Cruzin' the Catskills"
Rat Fink 1989 White 55 Tbird; black & white drawing by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth; of course, big wheels and big engine! Flames fill sides inside cup; back side has the Rat Fink and bottom has R.F. graphic; part of series of ceramic glassewarre with different art cars that Ed Roth did. "T-BIRD Does it With Class" - Ed Roth passed away in 2001.  Made 1989
6" tall ceramic drink glass
MotorSport ? White 55; MotorSport on back; Made in Taiwan
Linyi 1995 55 tbird in black and white scene at Drive-in Theatre - color change Drive-in screen with 95 tbirrd when hot; 40th Anniversary; part of a set of 1995 mugs with other Ford cars; "The Legend Continues"
Made in China
na June
Black 55; CTCI convention logo for CTCI Williamsburg convention, June 1990
? ? . Prospective Marketing International, Inc 1994 White 55; red 95; matching plate; porcelain
? . . ? . Red 55
? . 55, 56, 57 Thunderbird set; history of each year. photo by Bob Witusczynski Konitz
. Classic Cars with yellow, red and black 55s, and blue and red VW's in the foreground.
from Frank Stubbs collection USPS 2005 Black Tbird stamp on mug - part of "Sport Cars of America" collection from USPS from Frank Stubbs collection H Hargrove
made in China
? "Prospective Buyers"
red 55 in foreground with 4sale old car in background

from Frank Stubbs collection
Rte 66 souvenir ? Yellow 55 with background of map of Rt 66 and red caddy at top. from Frank Stubbs collection Rte 66 souvenir 2007
Red 55 on Mainstreet of America background shows map of Rte 66; rt 66 emblem printed inside
by/for "I love New York" stores
mug made in China
2017 red 55 in I Love New York graphics . . . .
1956 Thunderbird
? ? blue with white porthole hardtop '56 background of blue triangle; good white glaze on mug Enesco 1994 The Classic Collection 1956 Ford Thunderbird
1956 black thunderbird in 3 views with tbird emblem on blue background
? ? blue with white porthole hardtop '56 background of blue triangle; commuter style mug Enesco 1994 The Classic Collection 1956 Ford Thunderbird
1956 black thunderbird with palm trees in background, at sunset
? . dark blue 56 with dk blu hardtop; silk screened; some red accents on bumper and tire; "Thunderbird Magic" . . .
? . Blue with white hardtop 56; made in the USA na 1980 Red 56; 25th Anniversary of Albert Reimer Motors, 
? ? Blue 56 The Love Mug /
. Klassic Kars Thunderbird: Red with white hardtop '56; THUNDERBIRD on handle
#kk6 sku#84936 00121 - cup photo on box; made in Korea
XPRESS 2000s
Yellow 56 with Tower Theater background; 1995 photo copyright by Cindy Lewis; Made in China -- #615106 #95 151 15 Message Mugs . Red with white porthole top 56 with background of yellow sun and 3 blue bars; made in Korea
RUSS ? Black line drawing of 1956 Thunderbird and various other cars from the past on a mottled golden background.  Packaged in box with same graphics/colors.; Made in Indonesia . . .
Otigari ? Yellow with white hardtop 56; artist Carol Kruger; made in Japan,

Also comes in a commuter style ceramic with large base, narrow top.

. . Red 56 - "T-bird Lounge, Las Vegas, Nevada
from Frank Stubbs collection ? ? Yellow 56 on black background with Ford in oval and "Thunderbird" Applause . Pink 56 with Mickie and Minnie Mouse; made in Korea; #20752
Wheelies by Applause 1989
Rolling yellow 56, made in Thailand,
"Hand wash, not microwave nor dishwasher safe"
retailed at $15.95.
. White 56
Wheelies by Applause 1989 Rolling blue '56, made in Thailand,
"Hand wash, not microwave nor dishwasher safe"
retailed at $15.95.
90s White '56; shaped
photo by Herb Barry
Ceramarte of Brasil for Anheuser-Busch 2000 Budweiser Classic Car Series; 56 white Thunderbird in relief; 8"tall x 4" diam.
lid resembling wheel, hubcap, & tire of tbird with Ford emblem; #CS484; #6 in series
? ? Turquoise '56, "T-Bird DriveIN
1957 Thunderbird

na ? White '55, '56, & '57 custom 2000 Willow Green 57; photo imprint of my car; one only
. Signature Housewares, Inc ? Red 57; "Drive-In Classics"; red 57 nose view with car hop on passenger side and 2 people in bird; Made in Japan
na 1978 White 57; Black line drawing on white background with T-bird emblem  by artist E. H. Lawton; made in USA  Motorsport ? Red 57; MotorSport on back; Made in Taiwan
Ankor Hocking 1978 White 57; Black line drawing on white background with T-bird emblem  by artist E. H. Lawton ; Made in USA custom 1993 Red 57 on Washington State background; for Regional convention
? ? part of set of 3  mugs with old ad custom ? Blue 57;  "POP"; graphic available in other colors and words on coffee mugs; Made in England
Red 57 - Grandpa
Red 57 - Dad
. 1992 57 Tbird in CTCI International Convention logo; Tulsa Oklahoma,
June 29-July 4
from Frank Stubbs collection ? Blue and red 57s 
. . . . . . 1981 blue with white top '57 released by Garden Spot Auction Auto Sales; advertising on backside. Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Thunderbird Emblems
custom 2000s Laser etched emblem on dark teal; Colorado club special ? ? Ford Thunderbird emblem on cup with gold trim
Inarco for Ford Motor Company 60s/70s 60s/70s? gold tbird emblem on china with gold trim; #E 2649; gift set from Ford? porcelain . Frankoma 2000s embossed Thunderbird emblem on plates, cups, etc.  Come in various colors:
dark teal, white, green, merlot, black
Made in the USA

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