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Distinctive characteristics for a T-bird

Scale Information

The lists on this site are for your use to help you identify a model that you might have and want to know more about.
None are For Sale 

Alphabetical order by Brand or Manufacturer:  Listings are in alphabetical order by brand or manufacturer. Listings cover diecasts, plastic molds, sand casts, etc..., any 3-Dimensional 1955 Thunderbird that rolls or appears to roll whether made to be decorative, as a toy, or for the picky collector. Model Kits are also on a separate page.   You will find some cross references when a model is known by one name but manufactured under another name. I am in the process over the next few years of improving the cross references. 

Brand does not necessarily mean who manufactured.  For example, the brand, such as Hot Wheels, is a quick identifier but the owner of the brand name is Mattel and they contract with manufacturers in China, Thailand and Malaysia to have them made.

Loose Models:  If your model is without an original package and you want to know more about it, turn the model up side down.  Most will have a chassis or base with the wheel axles incased.  You will run into some plastic models with no base and the axles snap into or are inserted in supports.
Most Chassis/bases are marked with the brand name.  Sometimes you will find the copyright date and the name of the model on the base.  For most, they are also marked with the country they were built in.  Sometimes you will find the model #.
You will find some though, with no markings.  The listings here will tell you which makes are not marked.  There are very few.  Then use the pictures as guides to help you identify.

If there is no chassis or base and only the wheels/axles inserted on a support, look at the underside of the body itself.  Many times you will find mold markings, sometimes it's the name of the model, or a number, or where it was made.  These will help you find it on the lists.

Models in Original Packages:  These help you even more in determining who made your model, however you will run into some "cheap" models where even that is difficult.  Look over those packages carefully.  Usually in small print on the back you'll find some info.  Sometimes the date the model came out or the date the package was copyrighted.  Sometimes there will be model #s to help.  Most will have the country of origin.

Size or Scale of Model:  Use this link to help determine the scale of your model though just measuring it may be all you need.  This scale does not take into consideration, height nor width of model, just the length.  Instructions for measuring the models are on that page.

Sometimes there will only have length of model listed, only because it's an old entry and it hasn't been updated with scale info yet.
Sometimes you will find incorrect scale listed on these pages.  Again, an old entry with minimal info on scale at the time and it's only a guess.  For the most part, if the thumbnail photo is showing, the scale is correct.  Old entries will eventually be corrected.  If in doubt, use the scale page above to determine scale on your model, IF it works with your browser.

Which Year of Ford Thunderbird is it?  Use this link to help you decide:

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