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Pewter Thunderbirds 1955 and 1956
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Distinctive characteristics for Classic Thunderbird from the 50s:
A personal convertible from 1955, 1956 and 1957 by Ford Motor Company
Scale Model Information:

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Brand Photo Size
Avon  .
Banthrico / USA

also in pewter color

Heritage Pewter / USA . .
Parker Brothers USA (2003)
token in Monopoly game
. .
Nostalgic Minature* / USA
Minature Vehicle Manufacturing
1955 1/43
Alloy Forms (1984)
(Motor City USA)
  Also came in kit form

2 1/8"

Collector's Case .
Danbury Mint .
Ford Calendar car 1991 .
Franklin Mint see Mel's Diner at right .
Hamilton . .
Heritage Metal Works / USA 1/57
Mark Models 1/46
Motor City USA (Alloy Forms) see Alloy Forms
PMI~Pewter Mint Incorporated, USA 5"
Nostalgic Minature*
Minature Vehicle Manufacturing
? .
Rawlins .
Rawcliff - 1992
2 sizes
2 1/4"
Replica (England) 1/57
*Nostalgic Minature also painted their models, 2 colors available - "Thunderbird Green" and blue.


     At first highly saught after, pewter popularity seems to have diminished somewhat.  Pewter models are generally unpainted, presented with a polished metal surface.  Once painted, the term used to describe the metal is "white metal". Nostalgic Minatures produced both unpainted and painted models of the same casting. 
     Most of the pewter models were made in the 1980s and early 90s.   One is still being produced in England. 
     I've cataloged 19 brands so far, with one model apparently changing brand name. Fifty fives and '56s are represented but there have been no 1957 pewter models built that I am aware of.  That is an opening for some entrepeneur that is willing to deal with getting licensing from Ford Motor Company.
     The "holy grail" of the pewter models is the set from Franklin Mint of Mel's Drive-In which included the 1956 Ford Thunderbird:

none so far, Please let me know if you find a 1957 in Pewter.

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