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Micro - Miniature Ford Thunderbird

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June 1999, updated 2014
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updated July 2014
Updated September 2011
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There is another size range of Thunderbird models that few pay attention to - the 1:84 scale and smaller.  A number of manufacturers have made the classic T-bird in that size range.  The first noteable model was made by Galoob under their MicroMachines label and came out in 1985.  As you go thru the listings below, you will notice that the peak of production for the micro model T-birds  was the year 1989. 3 sizes of Micro Machines - Click for larger view
As normally happens with manufacturers and their designers, the smaller the model, the less detail so most of the small scale models tend to be generic and combine features of the '55 and '56.  The '57 doesn't seem to have quite the same problem because of the angled fins and formed bumper.  A few '56 models have been made that can be labeled distinctly as representing that year.  Among those you will find the German-made plastic models that are designed for the railroad hobbiest.  The detail is rather good on the German-made small models and well-worth having in a collection.
NEW Update:
In 2013, a new manufacturer for the Thunderbird was noticed.  Oxford Diecasts of the UK, came out with a 1956 1/87 scale in diecast!  The detailing is good.
Also noted starting with the 2011 models from Busch, the continental spare is now black instead of body color.  Don't know why the change since on the real cars, the spare is covered by a metal casing in body color.


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 Charm Max Charter/King  Funrise Galoob Galoob - Mini Imperial Mattel McDonald's Oxford Diecasts Praline/
Road Champs

Galoob - Basic Description: 55/56; Plastic; made in China; "Micro Machines;"  size = 1 3/8" - 3.5cm; black chassis; silver painted trim; porthole top; no fender vents (no room for such); chunky mold.  Several wheel styles.
Year Made  Model # Basic Description Color
The #3 models plus a 2-tone micro lite
1985 6400 U.S. Classics Collection;  black windows; silver wire-look wheels; in 5-pack w/magnifying lens red w/black cont'l kit
1987 6400 as above; new package
1987/88 6400 #3 US Classics Collection; silver windows;silver wire-look wheels OR 3-spoke swirl wheels; in 5-pak white w/black top & cont'l kit
1988 64002 #3 US Classics Collection; black windows; silver 7-spoke swirl wheels pink w/blue top & cont'l kit
1986? or 87? ? ? Yellow with black hardtop & cont'l kit
? / ? White with red top and black cont'l kit
1986/88 6404 Trophy Series; gold trim; black windows; gold wire-look wheels; packaged w/ boat & plane
Gold w/orange-red & black stripes; gold cont'l kit
Trophy series model on left
'89 64782 #3 Micro Lights; black windows;silver spoke wheels; Press on top to lite-up head & tail lights 2-tone w/turquoise above/cream below; cream top & cont'l kit
Micro lights Plus chrome
'89 64783 #4 Micro Lights;black windows; silver 5-pt. star spoke wheels; in 2-pak; Press on top to lite-up head & tail lights pink, blue, white & black graphics w/black dots 
'89 64792 #13 Micro Lights; black windows; silver 5-pt. star spoke wheels; Press on top to lite-up head & tail lights 2-tone w/red above/grey below; grey top & cont'l kit
Light green models - should have orange cobra
Note - yellow mini would be in the blue model in photo at right,  NOT the lt. green model which should have the orange cobra mini.
2 Insiders plus color changer and red classic
'89 64720 #1 Insiders; black windows; silver 5-pt. star spoke wheels; opens up to reveal yellow ultra-small '55 t-bird; in 4-pak Blue w/white top; black cont'l kit
'89 64725 #6 Collection "Insiders"; turquoise windows;  silver 5-pt. star spoke wheels;opens up to reveal orange ultra-small Cobra; in 4-pak Lt. green w/cream top; black cont'l kit
'89 64757 #8 Triplesiders Collection; hides orange ultra-small Cobra while large "Rover" hides T-bird. as above (64725)
92/93? . Black windows; silver chrome trim; 7-spoke swirl wheels; tail lights painted red Yellow chrome w/silver chrome top; black cont'l kit
'94 . Color Change; 1 of 4 "free" cars in 8-pak w/4 "2000" cars pink w/white top
'94 75076 Color Change; 1 of 4 "free" cars in 8-pak w/4 "X-ray" blue changes to yellow; tan top; black cont'l kit - loses color changing abilities w/light exposure
Mold Change - size= 3.8cm or 1.5"
1998** #1 Ford Series;  definitely a 1956 model - slim & trim! chassis date 1996 but not marketed until 1998; silver windows; flat rimmed wheels; fender vent Lt. blue w/white top; lt. blue cont'l kit
2004 Ford Series 2 - available in Canada . photo by Donald from puremicros.comgreen with white top; black graphics 

**The 1999 MicroMachines list a Thunderbird model in the "Museum" collection which is set #25.  Model is the same as the model in the Ford pak from 1998.
Galoob Mini - Basic Description:'55 w/ porthole top; made in China; Ultra Small; 5/8" - 1.5 cm  4 mini's
Year Made  Model # Basic Description Color
'89 64720 #1 Insiders; inside #64720; porthole top; black windows red tail lights; in 4-pak; silver trim Yellow
'89 6318 Ultra-small Insiders; black windows; silver tail lights & trim; in 8-pak w/other mini's. Red
'95 . Ultra Small; silver windows & trim; red tail lights; 1 of 4 "free" mini's in 8-pak w/various other micros Dark Blue
'95 . Ultra Small; blue windows; silver trim; red tail lights; 1 of 4 "free" mini's in 8-pak w/various other micros dark yellow w/white top
? . Ultra Small black

Imperial - Basic Description: 55/56; made in China; Crown emblem on chassis; dated 1988; Plastic w/metal chassis; black porthole top; no fender vents; black cont'l kit; red painted tailights & headlights; gold painted windows
Year Made  Model # Basic Description Color
'88 7692A Mini Motor Machines; friction motor; chrome wheels - 2-pak white w/black top
. 7692A Mini Motor Machines; friction motor; chrome wheels - 2-pak black w/white top
. 7696A Mini Motor Machines; friction motor; chrome wheels - 8-pak; package shows a blue w/red top white or black as above
. 7894 Night Riders - Glo in the Dark; friction motor; In 2-pak; Pak also shows a yellow w/red top; chrome wheels Pale green w/black top
'88 . Free Wheeling; gold wheels White w/black top
'89 8078A Color changing; Free Wheeling; gold wheels turquoise changes to pale green when dipped in hot water
'89 8093A Color changing; friction motor; chrome wheels; in 2-pak blue w/black top

Charter King - Basic Description: 55/56; made in China; "China" imprinted on rear bumper underneath; very crude molding
Charter King micros
Year Made  Model # Model Name Color / description
early '90's 3896 Mini Mites; Shine Edition pink chrome w/blue windows, grill, red cont'l kit & yellow hood scoop; back of pkg shows an all-silver chrome car; 
variation: all pink chrome, no other coloring.
early '90's ? ? Gold w/red flame outline on sides, silver hood scoop
early '90's 3891 MiniMites; Hot rod Orange w/blue & yellow aigzag stripes on sides, black cont'l kit, grill windows & hood scoop
'88/'89 3745 MiniMites; Military Shades of Desert Storm!! A T'bird in chamoflage colors! with a white star on top! Must be the General's staff car.  (this model on the market during the "Desert Storm crisis")
early 90's? ? ? Black with blue flame graphic outlined in silver on sides & cont'l kit; red hood scoop

Road Champs - Basic Description: 56; made in China; Plastic; Monster Wheels; 2-tone blue "V" graphics on top, hood & sides - on all; 1987 mold date on black chassis
Year Made  Model # Basic Description Color
'87 9050A Cars of the '50's Mini Monster Wheels; black windows; chrome spoke wheels; in 4-pak white 
'90 9050 Same as above except for gold swirl wheels white
'94 9105 pearlescent windows; gold swirl wheels; in 25-piece set pearlescent green
'94 9105 black windows;  gold swirl wheels; in 25-piece set light blue
'95 9105 black windows; chrome swirl wheels; in 30 piece set white

Micro Wheeler - Basic Description - 1956 T-bird; made in China; similar to the above Road champs; unmarked chassis
Year Made Model # Basic Description Color
? ? Black with silver graphics;   5 star wheel;  black
? ? White with blue graphics;  5 star wheel;  white

4 variations of red
Praline - Basic Description: '56; made in West Germany; plastic; detailed; predecessor to the Busch Model; 1:87 scale or   2" - 5.3cm;  black chassis; All have black steering wheels.
gold & silver metallics
The Pralines need a little explanation.  They came in a variety of colors in the early 1990's and in 3 styles (hardtop, "softtop" and topless) with several variations.
pink, green & black Pralines
Colors available are  red; mint green; black; metallic blue; metallic brown; metallic silver (grey), metallic gold in two different shades; pink & lt. blue.
 There may be other colors but these are all that I have ever seen.  I have only seen the pink in one style and no variations. It appeared to be the last color on the market.

When these models were put together; chrome trim was paired with either black or white tires but the grey trimmed models were only paired with the black tires.  As you can imagine; there are a number of different combinations that you may be able to find.  The only  interiors in the metallic blues that I've found are the creams and have not seen enough models of the other colors to say for sure about them.  Cont'l kits  are normally same color as the body color but two of my three  blue metallics have black kits - go figure...!!

These models were packaged in clear, hard plastic boxes with model numbers of #5200, 5201, 5202, 5203, 5204, 5205 - number designates whether it has chrome trim and type of top.
Interior Colors  Body Color Trim 
bumpers; grill; 
Tires HardTop Soft top
cream; tan; dark grey; lt cream (see above) grey or chrome white or black gold, black; tan; grey
The following are the only examples of the listed colors that I have seen - 
red dash w/ 
grey seats
Dark gold chrome trim black tires . black soft top
white pink chrome trim white tires . topless

Busch - Basic Description: '56 Thunderbird; Made in Germany; plastic; detailed; same as Praline; soft top version; black plastic chassis;  scale: 1:87 or 2 1/16" or 5.3cm. Black steering wheels.  Packaged in small clear plastic case with model displayed on cardboard platform. Variations occur on wheels, interiors, tires and side scripting. The 1996 models have the Thunderbird script on the front fender and hash marks are not painted. From 1998 on, the Thunderbird script appears on the rear fenders and the hash marks are silver painted. In 2011, a white porthole hardtop was added.
Busch website
Club meeting and restoration shop
If you have more information on the Busch manufacturer and it's Thunderbird models, please let me know.

Year found in USA
Color Photo
1996+ white interior; chrome stock hubcaps & chrome trim; black steering wheel; black wall tires' Thunderbird script on front fenders; mint green w/ white "soft top"
1996+ lt grey interior; chrome stock hubcaps & chrome trim; black wall tires' Thunderbird script on front fenders; black w/ lt. grey "soft top"
1998 tan interior;   white-line tires; chrome wheels red, topless
1998 white-line tires metallic brown; topless  ?? .
1998 white interior ; white-line tires light blue; topless
1999 red interl, wht dash;Thunderbird written on both r/fenders, "MAG" wheels w/bw tires, skirts, chrome f & r bumpers, hubcap on cont.  blk w/grey ST .
1999 tan inter., white dash; 5-spoke chrome wheels; blk wall tires teal w/tan ST
2000 cream interior; chrome wheels; white line tires
[ed note - showed up on ebay in 2002]
green; topless
2001 red interior; black wall tires; chrome wheels Black with red top
2001 black interior; white line tires; chrome wheels white; topless
2001 cream interior; 5 spoke chrome star wheel; black steering wheel #45211 light teal (Thunderbird blue 55 color); cream softtop
2001 white interior; black wall tires; 5 point star chrome wheels light blue; white softtop
2002 tan interior; chrome wheels; white line tires yellow; topless 
2002 white interior; 5 spoke chrome wheels;black wall tires blue with white Softtop
2003 red interior; 5 spoke chrome wheels; black wall tires white with red top
2004 grey interior; red dash;  black wall tires; chrome wheels gold; topless
2004 cream interior; black wall tires; chrome wheels black; topless .
2004 Body: dark blue-violet, Seats: red   dark blue, topless .
2004 Body: pastel rose, Seats: cream white.  light pink, topless .
? red  interior; white line tires; chrome wheels dark red; topless
2009 chrome 5 point star wheels., black interior red with black softtop
? cream interior black with black top .
? ? red with white top
2009 red interior; ; white line tires; chrome wheels black; topless
2009 with white interior; white line tires; chrome wheels Peacock blue; topless
2010  white interior;  Red; topless .
2011 white interior, black steering wheel, black cnt'l kit; 45202 Red metallic; White Porthole hardtop
2011 white interior, black steering wheel, black cont'l kit; chrome wheels; 45200 Silver metallic; white porthole hardtop
2011 white interior, white steering wheel; black cont'l kit; chrome wheels;  45201 Lavendar metallic; white porthole hardtop

Other Companies:

Company Photo Year Made Model #  Size Color Basic Description
Charm Max 2000
1 7/16" yellow '57; similar to the Funrise model; in Micro Collection pkg with 5 other cars.
Charm Max
/ AutoKit
1 7/16" pink with painted chrome details 56; similar to the Funrise model; 
Ferrero / Germany '90's
5.5cm -
2 1/8"
mint green w/white non-porthole top '56; plastic; cream interior; white chassis; green steering wheel; silver flat wheels; clear windshield; no back window; grey bumpers & grill; Came packaged in a plastic egg for Easter celebrations.
Funrise 1989 10001  . red or yellow '57; Micros Action Magnifiers, in 5-pak
Mattel 1989 7629-G1  . turquoise '55/'56; Hot Wheels, Micro Night Burners; light button in top lights up 2 holes in front & rear end.  Silver window; in 2-pak
McDonald's 1990 #2  . yellow '57; Mighty Mini 4x4; Li'l Classic; released in March 1991; wind-up w/big wheels & cont'l kit; (T.V. advertised) Came w/ Happy Meal Box w/gas station cut out & pumps. Golden arches molded on trunk.
Micro-Royal . 19? Miny's-203M'S . yellow '57 same as Funrise; packaged singlely
Oxford Diecast 2013 Arrive in Style 1/87 Coral '56 diecast with white porthole hardtop, coral continental kit
. 2013 1/87 Peacock Blue
. 2014 1/87 Thunderbird Green
. 2014 Red due this year

Lists: 1955 A-H 1955 I-M 1955 N-Z ?? 1956 A-F 1956G-J 1956 K-N 1956 O-Z +? 1957 A-H 1957 I-R 1957 S-Z ??
released in:  1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
AVON Battle Bird,
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 Racing Champions

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