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The 1/64 ( 1:64 ) or 3" scale model 56 T-bird by Maisto.  This model started appearing in the year 2000.  It's a fairly common and inexpensive model toy. The windshield on the early red cars is dark blue, later issues, it's a dark smoke; Chassis is marked:  Made in China, Maisto

There is a variation of this wheel. 
dark blue windshield 2004 spiderman
2004 Thunderboltz
Tonka Classic Club base dark smoke windshield
2005 spiderman
came out in 2006

1/40 scale 1956 Ford Thunderbird by Maisto (4.5 inches or 11.5cm).  The molds for this car have been around since 1981.  First under the name "Zee" and made in Macau, later used by Maisto and "made in China".  These are "pull back" action models.  Maisto started out as the MC Toy Co. 
It has not been an easy model to find, only appearing for short periods.
This is the ZEE model, marked  with the Zee circle, "MADE IN MACAU" "1/40 SCALE" " '56 T-BIRD"
This is the base of the ZEE car.
This appears to be a transitional model as the base is marked MC Toy, scale 1/40 with a paper stick on tag marked Made in China.The old chassis markings from the ZEE models has been eliminated other than "scale 1/40".  The pink splash model, "Super Sport" came on cards marked 1993 BUT they did NOT appear on the market until 1998. I know as I came across models from the same series in 93, with the T-bird shown on the package back so watched for the T-bird but it never appeared on the market until 98 and then only in discount/closeout stores.   Other collectors also did not report finding this model until then.
This black version came out in 1997.  Clearly marked with Maisto on the chassis and Made in China where the Made in Macao had been.  Some may have a "Made in China" oval gold sticker on the bottom.
In January 2000, this white version with red interior  appeared for a very short time at various Target stores in the USA.  They were in a box labeled "Kid Toyz", a Target exclusive set.  Possibly only 3 or 4 boxes at each store.  Each box included 4 other models.  These boxes were all gone by April of 2000 in my area. 
Have not seen this model resurface since.


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