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 Part IV - September 1998
edited Dec. 2008
by Dot Lang

Two New Tampos:

Hot Wheels blue & white t'bird with 1986 tampos

  In the middle of the years that Mattel produced the tampo in Article III, they introduced two new tampos.  The first one was on a blue (turquoise) Thunderbird, #3992, with a fushia pink and red tampo  running the full length of the top of the car.  This car came with clear windows and standard black wall tires and wheels.

  A white car, #3993, was also released with a blue and red tampo, again the length of the top of the car.  The  tampo on the white car "feathered out" on the trunk.  This car came with the old blue tint windows and standard black wall tires and wheels.

Both  packages were printed in 1986.  Both were made in Hong Kong.

Note:  Other references say they were made in Malaysia but both of mine are marked "Hong Kong."  If you by any chance have any of these two models marked "Malaysia," please let me know so the addition can be made to future lists.  After these two models, I have never found any made in Hong Kong again.  (When Mattel started producing the old "Corgi" mold in 1996, those cars are marked as "made in China.")

Hint:  If you are buying any older 1977© Hot Wheel models from the internet auction sites such as eBay, you may want to ask the sellers whether the models you are bidding on are from Hong Kong or Malaysia  - it may make a difference in value to you for some of the 2013 models. You may also want to ask about the © date on the chassis - 1977 or 1981 for the 2013 models.  MMost Hot Wheel collectors do not realize that there were two  dates during the life of that "number."  Refer to articles I and II.

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