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A 1/43 scale diecast model of the 1957 Ford Thunderbird,  by Brooklin of England, patterned after the Real Battle  Bird.
1957 Ford Battlebird by Brooklin( 9 KB)
as commissioned by David Angel. 
length:  10.5 cm or 4.25 inches 

In 2001, a blue model was commissioned complete
with trailer and 1951 Ford panel truck.

 Some "Battlebird" facts: 
  •     The "Battle Bird" is one of only two such cars manufactured and the only one left in existence.
  •     This car went 153.126 MPH* at Daytona in 1957 on one run.
  •     It is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird  Race Car
*This is the official recorded time at Daytona in 1957 (not 200 or 205 as has been circulated in the past)
The  "Battle Bird" as it is now: 1957 Battlebird in 1998 (16KB)

A closer view of the enginesupercharged engine (39KB)

The two together:
Battlebirds (23 KB)
    The picture of the real "Battle Bird" was taken in 1994 in Dearborn in the car's debut to the Thunderbird world after it's restoration.  The car has also been called the "Daytona T-Bird" but the name "Battle Bird" is the name that has stuck to it over the years. 
For more reading, visit this site:  My Classic Cars.  The restorer's (Gil Baumgartner) site is here

P.S.  Notice the similarities between the Battle Bird and Mattel's first Hot Wheels Thunderbird. 

Hot Wheels Thunderbirds 1969 (10KB)

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