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The Avon Collections - 1955
and now 1956

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Avon has been producing 1955 thunderbird models since 1974.  The first was a glass decanter holding Men's aftershave lotion:  Deep Woods or Wild Country.  It was marketed in a blue box with the history of the Thunderbird and a graphic of a 1955.  This bottle is a deep cobalt blue with a plastic rearend that is slipped off to find a small blue cap covering the opening to the bottle.   These cobalt blue bottles are common and run between $3 and $10 depending on whether the box is with them or not and the condition of the box.  There were a few of these bottles made in clear glass with a clear plastic rear end and the word is that these were prototypes.  They are from the same mold as the cobalt blue models.

In 1995, Avon reproduced the 1955 model using a new mold.  This new mold is a much lighter blue with a "taller" body though both old and new  are the same length.   When looking down at the two models, side by side, you can see some of the differences.  The plastic rearends have a slightly different shape - the old one is longer.  The "hardtop" is larger on the new mold.  The Tail fins of the 95 model are taller too.  This model  held men's "Seazone" aftershave.  Base of model has AVON and 4 molded into the glass and a 1995 AVON copyright.  It's boxed in a fairly plain brown box with blue A's all over and a short description saying that it's marking the 40th Anniversary of the Thunderbird.  Box included a small card giving the History of the Ford Thunderbird.

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In 1999, AVON released the 1995 mold in clear glass with Wild Country After Shave.  The box is cream with 50's style graphics, and a 1956 light blue Thunderbird with white porthole top. Artist had a little trouble with the rearend - seems to have some extra taillights from the view that is represented.   The base had AVON and the number 12 molded into it.  Box has a 1999 Copyright on it.  I wonder if it was meant to take advantage of the introduction of the Concept Thunderbird that was shown that year?

Just recently I saw a glass AVON model that the seller said was solid.  It had several pictures with it and from the details of the pictures, could tell that the model was from the 1995 mold.  Seller said it had been a prototype that the designer had given to him.  There were no mold marks on the bottom according to the seller so it's very likely that that part of his story was true.   That it was from the 1974 mold as he stated, an emphatic NO! - too many similarities to the 1995 mold including the color.  The seller had stated that the color was the color that AVON decided to go with in producing the decanters - and the color matched the 1995 color.  The details of the plastic rearend matched the 1995, not the 1974 mold.  The top view matched the 1995 mold and the side views also matched the 1995 mold.  Without seeing it close up, that was the only conclusion about the model I could make - that it is was from the 1995 mold.  Rare, yes but not as old as 1974.

I have picked up a preproduction 1974 clear glass model. They do exist. 

Besides these glass decanters, Avon has produced some pewter models.  These appeared around 1984. I don't know much more about them than that.  If anybody has more information on these 2 items such as were they available to the customers or were they  inside AVON incentive gifts? Please let me know.

There is the Avon wall plaque though AVON does not appear on the back side of the plaque.  I understand it was an AVON representative award?? 
The box it came in reads, Distinctive designs from Avon Products, Inc

Label on back says "Gallery Originals" with a small hummingbird.  Plaque measures 5 1/4" x 8".  The model is 3-dimensional.

and to go with that,  the Avon pewter diecast, with it's very long nose.
Wood base has : "AVON Source of Fine Collectibles" in a small paper circle.  Car is marked  © AVON 1984 on base edge and other edge has "1955 Ford Thunderbird"

 This model was sold to the public in 84. It came in a gray box with a brown band around it with pictures of the 55 bird, Chysler 300,  Corvette, a Buick? and a 65 Mustang all in silver color in the band. On the end it has Avon Pewtercar Collectibles. It also came with a small note telling about the bird and it was authenticated by Motor Trend. (info & photos below by HB).

New for 2004 - Christmas season - A pocket watch complete with chain.  Cover is a dark red with a shield and a Thunderbird blue topless t-bird and the "Thunderbird" script "Thunderbird 50th Anniversary" as it is styled on the 2005 Thunderbird.  The pocket watch is presented in a tin box with another graphic of a 1955 T-bird on a red shield with the word "Thunderbird 50th Anniversary" again.  Side of tin box also has the same graphic running around the tin.

The Avon Collections - 1956
New for 2004, a 1/24 scale 1956 Thunderbird in white, made by MotorMax Toy Factory, LTD.  This is a topless model with black interior and no continental kit but has a continental bumper. It's mounted on a black base.   It was offered in the #12 Avon catalog for 2004 among their Father's Day promotions - the ususal time that a Ford Thunderbird shows up in their catalogs if a Thunderbird is going to be offered.


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