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 March 1999
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by Dot Lang

   The Dinkys are in the 1955 list under Matchbox/Dinky
Short & very sweet - that's the story of the Dinky 1955 Thunderbird Model.  Meant to appear on the market in the mid 80's as Model #31.1294, it never actually made it to production until the early 90's. Matchbox acquired  Dinky in the 80's and finally released the model in 1992 with it manufactured in China.  This is one of the nicest models of the '55 for that size - in 1/43rd scale.

As you can see it is RED with no top.  The box is open enough so the car can be displayed without removing it from the box.

 The model was available only thru mail order from Matchbox for several years.  It was not mass marketed in retail stores. 


In 1996, Matchbox offered the car in a new color, with a hardtop, but only as part of a series called "Oldies But Goodies."  Again, this is a mail order set straight from Matchbox but the set was also offered to dealers who in turn are willing to break up the set and sell the models individually.  This model has a turquoise body and white removeable hardtop. 

In 1997 Mattel acquired Matchbox and it's rights to the Dinky model.  In 1998, the Dinky Model was introduced as a Coca Cola promotional item with very striking colors, reminescent of the colors of the mid-fifties autos.  The basic body is Black with a red hardtop, red & black interior and yellow Coca Cola graphics on the sides, a red hood scoop and red line down the side.  Again, this model is a mail order special but now from the Matchbox division of Mattel.
Wow! For Y2K, another Coca Cola model. This time it's red with a white top - more of the colors we are used to seeing for Coca Cola. This model has been even easier to obtain than the past ones, showing up in numberous retail stores.


*1999 Update information:
Alan Hayward sent in some more information from his webpages.  There were three special issued t-birds for the Toronto Thunderbird Club over the past few years.  You may view them at his site [link updated Nov. 03], code 2 models.  The search is on!!

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