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1968© Redline 1969 1/64

and variations
Redline 2012 1/64

and variations
Porthole & Non-Porthole

and variations
TYCO slot car 1/60

and variations
1996/97 "Corgi" Mold 1/64
and variations
1988 Giants 1/43
1989 Micro 1/134 
1956 T-bird
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Models are
2003 Pro Street  1/18

1968 ©  ~ Redline era ~ '57 T-Bird
General Description: Introduced in 1969 with a new metallic color each month,  Custom convertible styled like the "Battle Bird," Redline tires on standard HW hubs (5 spoke Mag style wheels) & bright finish metal Chassis.  1/64th scale.  Made in the U. S. A.  #6252 
Chassis Label:
© 1968 MATTEL INC, U.S.A.
Button enclosed with package.  These were removed from packages at retail after it was made known that the buttons were a potential hazard to young children.  Many still survive as collectors held on to them even back then.
  Spectraflame metallic colors of Emerald Green, Olive (2 shown), Antifreeze (yellow-green), teal (aqua), Ice Blue, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Red, Dark Red, Hot Pink,  orange, Yellow, Gold, Pale Brown, &, Silver ( shown in 2nd photo) ~ 16 colors. Hot Wheels site lists 21 colors but no silver.  *On closer inspection, my "silver" example apprears to be an extremely faded example of the olive green or yellow color, top and driver's side are silver but passenger side is a very light greenish silver.  Could it have been a batch paint variation or did they try a silver version and had a paint problem or is it just a faded color? 

Sprectraflame is a difficult paint to keep consistent in color during production and it really shows on these models. Mattel used the Spectraflame colors again in 2005/2006 on the '77 model T-bird and again, you'll find color variations between batches.  The most notable that I found was in the "magenta/purple" color; I have 3 shade variations of that color ranging for pink to purple

      There are 4 or 5 interior colors reported with each color on the HW's website ~ Black, grey, brown, dark brown, and white (cream).  The models I've picked up over the years appear to have just 2 different colors of interiors ~ brownish grey & cream.  Has light played a part in the dark interior color differences found or just human interpretations of the colors?  Was it just differences in batches as happened with the body colors? 

      HW site lists these Body colors:  Emerald Green, Blue, Red, Rose Red, Pale Brown, Dark Brown, Pink, Hot Pink, Salmon Pink, Lime Yellow?; Purple, Aqua, Pale Blue, Ice Blue; Magenta, Orange, Olive Green, LimeGreen.

      There appeared to be only 2 examples of a pink car on the site, used to illustrate the 3 pink colors listed with either white or grey/brown interior.  A couple of their "pale" blue examples actually looked aqua and not pale blue. and the ice blues with dark interior also looked teal.  Only the ice blue with white interior looked correct. Should there be more color names?   There does seem to be a pale blue and an ice blue though as separate colors.

      Photo below: Emerald Green, Olive (2 shown), Antifreeze (yellow-green), Aqua, Light Blue, blue, 
Purple, Magenta,Red, Dark Red, Pink, orange, Yellow, Gold, Pale Brown,
From Greg's collection
     Photo Below: Silver*, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Aqua, Emerald Green (2), Olive Green,
Antifreeze Green (Lime Green), Gold, Orange, Dark Red, Red, Rose Red, Hot Pink, Dark Brown
from my collection
. Photo Color Interior . Photo Color Interior .
. Gold Cream (white) . Blue Cream (white) .
. Orange Brown/grey . Light  Blue Brown/grey .
.. **Toned Orange Brown/grey . Aqua Cream .
. Red Cream . Green brown/grey
. **Toned Red Brown/grey . Green Cream .
. Hot Pink Cream . Olive brown/grey .
. Light Pink Cream . Lime ( anti-freeze 
Cream .
. Magenta Cream Yellow Cream .
. Purple Brown/grey . **Silver  - a faded color of pale olive Cream .
. Purple Cream . Chrome - custom  color Cream .
. Light Brown brown/grey . Dark Brown Cream .
. . . . . . . . .
** Things I've learned over the years: Toned colors (darkened from original due to unclean metal used in production) are not as desireable - clear colors are saught after.  Some colors appear to fade over extended light exposure.

1968, 2011 © Classic '57 T-bird
General Description: Retooled version of the 1969 first release of the 57 Classic T-bird.  convertible version with the short windshield.  4 colors offered exclusively to 2012 Redline Club members for joining.  Released in April or May  of 2012. Serial #'d on card; detailed Tailights red with silver ring & silver center dot; redline tires and red line continuing along bottom of rocker panels; Hot Wheels logo on base; 5 spoke "mag" style wheels;  headlights painted white;  with chrome base & bumpers;  base has 1968 and 2011 copyright; Base marked XO530; interior white, lacking much detail. Packaged with Hot Wheels button like the early Hot Wheels buttons.  "Licensed by Ford" on card. RL Club members also received poster and patch to match the chrome issue.
Pkg # Photo Color Description Country Year Intro Comments
#0530 . Chrome as above China 2012 1 of 3000
#0531 . Chrome Red as above China 2012 1 of 3500
#0532 . Chrome Blue as above China 2012 1 of 4000
#0533 Chrome Purple as above China 2012 1 of 4500


1996 - Corgi mold:
General Description: 1957 Ford Thunderbird with non-stock continental kit  1/64 scale; Topless; hood opens to reveal plastic engine; extended chromed bumper w/  chrome continental kit; Clear Windshield.  Mold was originally made in 1980 by Corgi; Mattel started using it in the Hot Wheels line in 1996.
On ALL Chassis: Hot Wheels logo, FORD THUNDERBIRD, a short bar, below that "MADE IN CHINA,"   Has not been used since 1997 due to Mattel acquiring Matchbox.
Wheel Styles



Deep Dish 6-spoke

Deep dish

About the Continental Kit
     Mattel dropped using this mold when they bought Matchbox and started using the MB 1957 Thunderbird  mold
  ~ which is also a convertible '57 with a continental kit.
     The Corgi has a "fat" kit, more true to the real ones used on the 1:1 models; the Matchbox has a tapered, narrower kit.
     The continental kit is on an extended bumper - due to the fact that on the real car, it is an aftermarket kit as there was no wrap around bumper designed by
 Ford to fit the 57 Thunderbird with a continental kit.
    This kit is popular due to a movie and a TV show in the 1970s ~ American Graffiti and Vega$.  A.G. used a '56 Tbird with a stock continental kit and Vega$ used a '57  Tbird with an aftermarket kit. 
   The '57 kit is not popular amongst '57 owners of the 1:1  T-Bird so you will 
  see very few of them on the real thing.  You will see about 99% of the '56s with the real stock cont'l kit. 
     There are major differences between the rear of a '56 and the rear of a 57, notably, the shape of the fins, the bumpers and the tailights.
PKG # Year Issued Photo Color/Tampo Interior/engine Wheel Style Chassis Logo Placement Comments
none na grey preproduction plastic painted grey over cream plastic resin  preproduction prepro none
. 1996
frosty pink metallic black interior, silver painted gear shift and center of steering wheel; engine detailed in black & silver; windshield trim painted silver; painted headlamps; painted silver "cording" on seats.  Deep Dish 6-spoke chromed chromed red on rear license part of 100th Anniversary of the Auto
. 1996 black cream (no detailing); chrome air cleaner; painted headlamps gold standard unpainted metal gold on windsheild Gold series III collection from FAO Schwartz
. 1996 black black 8-dot wheels painted gloss black none Gas Station Playset
. 1996 dark blue metallic black  8-dot wheels painted gloss black none McDonald's Playset, Good year Playset
. 1997 Red black / black w chrome aircleaner;  8-dot wheels painted gloss black none Parking & Service Garage Playset 
. 1997 frosty yellow; detailed trim white interior; well detailed engine; windhield trim painted silver; painted headlamps chrome standard with wide white wall tires painted matte black red on rear license part of Target "Motorin' Music" set
612 1997 turquoise white w/ chrome air cleaner; painted headlamps standard unpainted metal red on windshield  Single pack 
16989 1997

turquoise w/ detailed trim white seats; detailed engine; turquoise dash, steering wheel & floor; center of steering wheel & floor shifter painted silver; 1957 on rear license plated,  windshield trim & guages painted silver; lower dash has silver decal; painted headlamps white-line tires; Deep Dish chrome hubs painted matte black none part of the 40th Anniversary set of the Thunderbird w/ standard Hot Wheel t-bird in plastic display box


TYCO/ Mattel HotWheels - 1957 Ford Thunderbird Slot Car  - 1/60th scale - HO scale

General Description: Made by TYCO starting in 1980.  In 1999, the Hot Wheels logo started being used to market the model. Plastic 1957 T-bird with slot car motor.  Porthole hardtop.  Rear wheels larger than front wheels. Hood is smooth, scoop is an add-on feature on some.  For HO tracks
on both black chassis and underside of body at rear end
on chassis only




PKG # PKG Year Country Photo Color Description Chassis Manufacturer or Brand
# TYCO Pro 2
 or Curve Huggers
70's Hong Kong Blue with white stripes running length of top of car Plastic body on slot car chassis; fake chrome air intake attached to hood; rear wheels larger than front; rear tires white - front tires black; 
"Made in Hong Kong" on both body & chassis #1 
#1 TYCO 
#9023 Classic Collectors Edition Slot Car HP-7 1992 China light blue with white top Plastic body on slot car chassis;  no hood scoop; same size tires & wheels #2 TYCO
# Magnum 440-H2 Twinpak
Slot Car Set
1999 China yellow, w/white porthole hardtop no hood scoop; for H.O. slot car tracks; packaged w/blue(purple) in twin pack w/57 Chevy -  . Mattel 
Electric HotWheels Racing - 
#38093 Toy Story 2 Chase 'N Crash 1999 China 2-tone green with silver fairlane stripe  light teal sides and top & white hood & trunk; silver 57 Ford Fairlane stripe; w/track and another slot car - from set promoting the movie "Toy Story". . Mattel Hot Wheels
#96627 Turbo TwinPak 2000 China metallic red fake chrome air intake attached to hood; slot car; comes in "Turbo TwinPack" w/blue '60 Corvette . Mattel 
Hot Wheels Electric 
------ ---------- 1993 or 2000? China red with white top -  apparently a prototype - offered from China in 2000&llt; ? ------
------ ----------- 2009? Malaysia
dark red with white top large rear wheel, small front wheel, offered from Singapore; red or chrome wheels; 2 chassis available  #3
TYCO - Tyco slot car chassis with 57 Thunderbird body

1988 - Giants - 1/43 scale

General Description: Four inches (4"); chromed racing engine sticking thru hood; porthole hardtop; Rear wheels larger than front wheels; Made in China by ARCO for Mattel.
Name item # Photo Description Comments
Action Racers 2415 Black w/ yellow stripe along sides & " '57 " in yellow and blue on sides and hood; Friction motor issued in 1988
Actions Racers 2415 Light blue w/ purple, red & blue stripes; Friction motor issued in 1988
Color Changer 2441 Purple -- blue -- white | green and yellow tampo; no friction motor found in 1991

1989 - Micro Mold -  Hot Wheels Micro Night Burner - 1/134
General Description: Light blue; 1956 t-bird - "button" on top operates battery that lights up "headlights" & "taillights" Pkg #7629-G1; Made in China; on the market in 1989.  Only one color available. Packaged with Corvette


2003 - Hot Wheels Pro Street - 1/18th scale
General Description: 1957 Ford Thunderbird; made for Mattel; made in China; set up for "drag racing"
Year # Description Photo
2003 B7002 Red with white porthole  top with engine sticking out of hood
2003 B7000 Teal with teal porthole top with engine sticking out of hood
2004 B6068 Black with red interior; no hardtop; engine sticking out of hood; Woody graphic on side fender

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