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Dot Lang's  WildFlower Notebook for east Wise County, Texas
Flowers by Color
Work in Progress!
I am trying to verify id's and have found errors. Family pages will appear eventually so you may view  larger photos thru those pages. In bold, I'm pretty sure of ID.
Pink to Red Flowers
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Plant family in alphabetical order by Scientific family name. 
Most are in the Dicot Class, Monocots noted in yellow with an * by their Family name.
Cells with this color are 
Foreign imports:


Scientific Family Name
Common Family Name
Common Name
Genus, species
Century Plant Family
easy to start from seed.
Red-Flowered yucca 
Hesperaloe parviflora
# cultivated native
[added 2005, 2011]
. .
Parsley Family
. . .

Milkweed Family

Green Comet Milkweed
Asclepia viridiflora

Twin Flower vine
Matelea biflora
Aster Family
Purple Cone Flower
Echinacea sanguinea

Blanket Flower
Gaillardia pulchella
pink to purple
Vernonia .......?

Texas Thistle
Cirsium texanum
Cirsium species Cirsium species
Palafoxia callosa
Sparsely in the neighborhood.
Spider-Flower family

Polanisia dodecandra
Clammy weed

Clammy weed with seed pods formed.
found growing by lake, 2015 floods may have wiped out.
Morning Glory Family

Texas Bindweed
Convolvulus equitans

Ipomoea cordatotriloba var. torreyana 7
Cotton Morning Glory
found growing on neighboring road, Wise County
Teasel Family

Scabiosa atropurpurea
pincushion, Sweet Scabiosa
Bean Family

Sensitive Brier, Catclaw
sub-family Mimosoideae
Mimosa roemeriana 7
2 to 3 feet tall, thin soil
Narrow Leaf Indian Breadfruit
Pediomelum linearifolium 7, 2

Cercis canadensis

# Texas native ornamental

Gentian Family

Meadow Pink
Sabatia campestris 7
leaves clasping and not narrow.
blooms early June. Survived 2015 lake flooding.

Centaurium floribundum However this may be Centaurium tenuifolium
as it's stigma is split into two paddles at the top. C.t. is a European plant.  Appears to be a lot of mixed info about this plant & similar plants.  It is used medicinally.
Noticed June 2016, above shale shelf, moist ground.  Sturdier plant than C.c. at right.  Both in same 10 square foot area.

Centaurium texense
new name: Zeltnera texense
noticed June 2016, next to shelf, moist ground.  Yikes! Wiped out mid-June by mower. 

Showing winged sepal base and bright pink color.  Varies from light pinks to bright pinks

Sabatia campestris growing in a field.
June 2016.  Near the Cetauriums.
Geranium Family
Carolina Geranium
Geranium carolinianum
found growing in neighboring field

Cranesbill, filaree
Erodium cicutarium

Cranesbill, filaree
Erodium cicutarium


Ratany Family
Don't go barefoot around these plants!
Crameria, Sandbur, Prairie Bur
Krameria lanceolata 1,2,7
. Seed is pea size with tough, 
hard thorns and tough seed 
to crack open. Flower is 
orchid like, complex, small

1/8 inch marks.  Seed is 1/4 inch in diameter plus spikes. Hard, woody seed pod.

4 to 5 pinkish sepals, 5 petals: 3 forming a dark red edged fan, 2 paler "cupping" the carpel which eventually becomes the seedpod with thorns.
Mint Family

Lemon Mint, Horse Mint
Monarda citriodora

Wild bergamot, Beebalm
Monarda fistulosa
found on Wise County road
Lily Family
white to pink flowers
Drummond's Wild Onion
Allium drummondii
varies from white to light purple/pink

Drummond's Wild Onion
Allium drummondii
Lanceleaf Loosestrife, 
Lythrum alatum 
var. lanceolatum, 10
new find 2016 - 2 plants, both marked now.
Mallow Family
in Pink phase
Callirhoeë  pedata 7
Four-O-Clock Family

Narrow Leaf Four O'Clock
Mirabilis linearis
Light, airy, tall plant

Mirabilis jalapa
from Peru, also cultivated, dropped by birds? into pot. Sprouted fall 2018. Will try to see if I can keep it alive.
Evening Primrose Family

Showy evening primrose comes in pink.
Oenothera speciosa

Gaura longiflora
Sesame Family

Devil's Claw, Ram's Horns
Proboscidea louisianica
summer, fall
Purslane Family

Shaggy Portulaca, "Kiss me Quick"
Portulaca pilosa
Notes: 2 hour flowering time! in the late morning. These haven't been on this land since 2007.  Finally found a small patch, June 2017, lower field.  Hope it spreads. the ones I found are fairly glabrous (no hairs to speak of)

noted for 25 or more stamens
Prairie Flameflower, Sunbright
Phemeranthus calycinum, 7
Talinum calycinum

Prairie Flameflower plant showing above ground perennial tuber on left side of photo.
May have lost most of these in the last 2015 lake flood (and they had done so well early that spring with dozens of plants on the hard shell shelf). 2017 and they have made a good comeback.

Claytonia virginica
Spring Beauty 
See "white/green" page for more photos
Crowfoot Family
Adonis annua
. .
Madder Family
Fine-Leaf Bluet, Prairie Bluet
Stenaria nigricans (Lam.) 9
Hedyotis nigricans1, 7
Houstonia nigricans
This might make a good border plant. It will clump if not crowded. perennial.

Field bladder
Sherardia arvensis
Plants at left really have pink flowers
Tribe Cheloneae

Figwort Family

Some now included under

Texas Paintbrush
Castilleja indivisa

Downy Paintbrush
Castilleja purpurea 2, 7

Wild Foxglove, Fairy Thimbles
Penstemon cobaea 1,2,7
varies from white to dark pink, depending on individual plant. blooms April/May

Texas sage 
Leucophyllum frutescens

# Texas native ornamental
(added to land pre-2005, not doing well xeric wise)

Agalinis heterophylla
Prairie False Foxglove
2015 1.5 miles south of us.
27 [173]

# Cells with this mark are native cultivares; (not found naturally in my fields)
* In the Monocot Class.

 As ID'd from:

1 Wild Flowers of Texas book by Geyata Ajilvsgi, revised ed. 2003
2Lady Bird Johnson WildFlower Center website,
3Kansas State Wildflowers website.
4100 Texas Wildflowers by Dorothy Baird Mattiza for the Native Plant Society of Texas, 1993
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8  Google searches used to help verify and find more info
USDA website Plant Database
10 Texas Flora on facebook

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