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Dot Lang's  Flower Notes for east Wise County, Texas
Milkweed Family
(now Apocynaceae)
Current Work in Progress
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 White / Green : 
Asclepias asperula Antelope Horn, Popcorn Spring Perennial
Narrow, lanceolet leaves,  forms clump about 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide, spreading out and up.  My lower field has this species.  The upper field in front of house has the Green Milkweed Antelope Horn along with this one and the Green Comet Milkweed. Showy in the garden.

Flood damage May 2015.  One pod survived to spread it's seed but rest of plant caved in to too much water.
Asclepias viridis Green Milkweed, Antelope Horn, Spider Milkweed spring perennial
Note size and shape of leaves Large, oblong leaves, plant spreading to upright.  Front field has this one croping up in it.  Most of the plants take on the characteristic 2 "pronghorns" of the antelope .  A few  plants will set more than 2 seed pods on one floral head. perennial, showy in the garden.
Leaves are rounded and wavy
Asclepias viridiflora 2 Green Comet Milkweed
Wavy edged leaves,.  Only saw 2 plants last year (2012), one by the road just 100 yards from our house (it was weed poisoned by neighbor) and the other in our front field but no seeds set.   Finally spotted some on June 14, 2013 in our field by the road.  Will have several plants so may get to see some set seed so I can learn what the seed pods look like.  No seed set that I'm aware of on these. May have been caused by insect damage. For 2014, found only 3 plants surviving from last year.  Two are flowering at the end of June.  Hope to see some seed pods set this time around. update August: Ended up with several plants blooming in front yards and several set some seed pods.  They are smooth pods, similar in shape but smaller than the two species above.  July blooms.
2020:  Numerous plants in our front yard.  Leaves vary from narrow to broadly oval, depending on plant; all with wavy edges. 

Seed pods slim and smooth and upright

seeds releasing from the lower seedpod.  Fall/October

Seeds have dispersed, leaving shell behind
Plant at left found  in front yard field July 27 2015.  Taller than other species in the same field.  Flower umbels grow like the Green Comet above A. viridiflora .  Still in bud at this time. 
Turns out that it IS A. veridiflora. It's narrow leaves threw me off as all the other plants of that species in the field had wavy, wider, more oval leaves.  When the flowers opened, it was obvious that it was A. veridiflora.
Another started in 2020, very uniformly spaced up the stem with very narrow leaves, app 15mm wide. Each set at 90° from the set above and below it, on up the stem.  Alas, got mowed off before it ever got to develop any floral heads.  Not sure if it will come back.

note narrow leaves.


Asclepias stenophylla7,10 Slim-weed Milkweed Summer
Lucky find while checking on H. maximilliani plant growth June 2015.
July 2015, flowering, alternate to opposite leaves, up to 10cm in length, narrow.  Eventually found one seed pod that was forming but a month later, could not locate it.

Seed capsule forming.
Pink, Red, Purple
Matelea biflora 1,2,7
Twin Flower vine


Low growing and fairly inconspicuous in the field.  Tough seed pods persist on plant unopened until mid winter.  Possibly opened by freezing then thawing? (mine are opened by the lawn mower).
Flowers vary slightly in color from deep, dark red to a reddish green, usually paired as in photo.


Opened seedpod (by lawnmower)

Seed and Seedpod



. .



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