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Dot Lang's  Flower Notes for east Wise County, Texas
Flowers by Color
Work in Progress ~ Larger pics. may not be available yet.
Blue to Purple Flowers
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Plant family in alphabetical order by Scientific family name.
 Most are in the Dicot Class, Monocots noted in yellow with a * by their Family name.
Cells with this color are: 
Foreign imports:
Local but not in my fields:
 Native to Texas:
Dicot Class
Scientific Family Name
Common Family  Name
Common name(s)
Genus, species
Acanthus Family

Dychoriste linearis 1

spring, summer

Low Ruellia, Wild Petunia
1Ruellia humilis
May be wiped out on my land by 2015 lake flood. 2016, I am watching some seedlings coming up in the area this was growing.

Siphonoglossa pilosella 7

found in Taylor County, Buffalo Gap at Perini Steak House restaurant in parking lot. Sandy soil..

Parsley Family

Eryngium leavenworthii1
under study, several similar species
Dogbane Family

2Showy Blue-Star
Amsonia tabernaemontana
plants in 2012 were bluer;
plants in 2015 were shorter but much more prolific; neighboring field

Milkweed Family

Twin Flower vine
Matelea biflora
Aster Family

Basket Flower
Plectocephalus americanus
Centaurea americana,

Texas Thistle
Cirsium texanum
Cichorium intybus

growing in center divider on Hwy 114 between US377 and I35W, south Denton County

Liatris mucronata
Liatris punctata var. mucronata

Vernonia baldwinii 7
summer, fall, perennial, rhizomatus

Texas Aster
Symphyotrichum drummondii
Cirsium undulatum
light grey, tomentose, has rhizomes or spreading roots
Cirsium vulgare? .

Triodanis perfoliata var. biflora 7
Venus's Looking-Glass
The ones growing on my land are really  this color, a purplish pink. Blooming in April

Leaf and seedpod

Triodanis leptocarpa 7
Slimpod Venus' Looking -Glass
This one tends to look bluish purple 
Blooms in May on my land.

Leaf and seedpod
Triodanis texana possibly?
This was found growing in lower field.  I've been passing them by for weeks until I saw one in bud.  Took photos of some others and then found one with the stem broken off.  Picked it up and realized that it was a Triodanis species but different than the others I've seen on the land.  Also saw the seed pod and was then sure that it was a Triodanis.  To the book!  It's leaves really wrapped around the stem.  Seeds  are smooth. 

Leaf and seedpod matches drawing in Shiner & Mahler's book 7 pg 505
Spiderwort Family
not hairy

Tradescantia ohiensis

Commelina erecta 1,2, 7
Erect Dayflower
died out due to inappropriate mowing but reintroducing as I like it.  Growing in neighborhood from seed.

Commelina erecta
spath enclosing flower and growing seedpod; also showing spath construction., a key for iding species.
Morning Glory Family
Evolvulus nuttallianus 3
Nuttall's Evolvulus,
Shaggy dwarf morning-glory2

Bean/Pea Family
Compact Prairie Clover2
 Dalea compacta
late spring, summer
Breadroot, scurfy pea
Pediomelum latestipulatum
may have lost these on my land due to flooding spring 2015.  Found 1 plant in upper field spring 2015 so it may survive.  Have not seen it since.

as seen along roadsides, therefore, probably seeded by the state.
Lupinus texensis

# Popular Texas ornamental, state flower

(added to small patch of land 2013, by 2019, finally a small patch surviving)
2 to 3 feet tall, thin soil
Pediomelum linearifolium 7
Narrow Leaf Indian Breadfruit
 tall, wispy plant
2 to 4 ft. full sun

Amorpha fruticosa 7
False Indigo, 
Small shrub [training this one to stay on my side of the fence.]

Amorpha fruticosa 7
Gentian Family

 Eustoma exaltatum ssp.russelliamum10
or Eustoma russelliamum 7 Texas Gentian, Texas Bluebells
summer; found in neighboring fields

. .
Geranium Family

Texas Storksbill
Erodium texanum
. .
Iris Family
Nemastylis geminiflora
 Sisyrinchium langloisii 2 Blue-Eyed Grass
Mint Family

Salvia azurea var. grandiflora
Blue Sage
Monarda citriodora 1
Lemon Mint, Horse Mint
Lamium amplexicaule

Salvia farinacea
Mealy Sage

 Salvia texana 7
Texas Sage

Scutellaria wrightii 

Hedeoma drummondii 7, 10
Drummond's False Penny Royal
found 6/28/15 by  south fence.
Lily Family
color range of white to blue
Wild Hyacinth
Camassia scilloides
normal color
Blue Funnel Lily. 10, 7
Androstephium coeruleum
(just 2 plants known on my land, 2019)
Flax Family

Linum pratense
Linum Lewisii
common Prairie Flax
Mallow Family
Wine-Cup, Poppy Mallow
Callirhoeë pedata (Nutt. ex Hook)7
Crowfoot Family
Ten-Petal Anemone
Anemone berlandieri
. .
Madder Family
Small Bluet
Houstonia micrantha**
Figwort Family

Some now included under


Narrow-Leaved Paleseed
Leucospora multifida 10
mid-late spring
found June 2015


Speedwell, Persian 
Veronica persica
flowers less than 1/8 across; leaves narrow, pointed.
Veronica species
note different leaves
Nightshade Family
Yellow fruits are deadly poisonous; deeply lobed leaves
Western Horsenettle
Solanum dimidiatum Raf 2
darker color phase of Western Horsenettle.
Verbena Family
Purple Prairie Verbena, Dakota Vervain
Glandularia bipinnatifida

Texas Vervain, Texas Verbena
Verbena halei

Verbena halei
Violet Family
you might find some with dark purple lips and yellow standard petals.
Field Pansy
Viola bicolor 1, 2, 7
. .
40 [173]
* Monocots
** other names for this genus
# Cells with this mark are native cultivares; (not found naturally in my fields)

As id'd from:
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8  Google searches used to help verify and find more info
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10 Texas Flora on facebook

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