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September 12, 2006

The Rarest Color/interior Combinations for 2002

With over 31K built of the 2002, there were still three combinations that were one of one.1   

2002 Evening Black Deluxe model, Performance White HardTop, Torch Red Partial Interior color accent, 21 Spoke Painted wheels -- 1

2002 Inspiration Yellow Deluxe Model, Performance White HardTop,  Inspiration Yellow Partial Interior Color Accent,  21 Spoke Painted wheels-- 1

2002 Torch Red Deluxe model, Evening Black Hardtop,  Torch Red Partial Interior Color Accent  21 Spoke Painted wheels -- 1

 I'll be posting the one of's for the 03s to 05s at later dates.  For more information on what was available on these cars, visit the rest of my website starting at  www.portholeauthority.com

Beaware that owners have been doing changes to their Thunderbirds since they came out.  The above is as released from the factory.  You may run into other combinations that were not available to be ordered as new.

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