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Thunderbird Trivia

The top 12 states for Thunderbird sales:
STATE       # SOLD
01. CA......8,337
02. FL......5,719
03. TX......4,788
04. MI......3,808
05. NY......2,738
06. NJ......2,504
07. OH......2,504
08. PA......2,463
09. IL......2,351
10. OK......2,026 (Due to Hertz Rental cars)
11. NC......2,019
12. GA......1,954
These 12 states account for over 60 percent of the total sold.

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Tbirds sold in VA:
2002 = 780
2003 = 333
2004 = 420
2005 = 257
How many have you spotted? (grin)

Do you have any idea how many T-Birds were sold in Virginia (total for '02 through '05)?


Thanks again. You're the best! I really appreciate the information. It will be great to have all this documented for the history of the car.

There were 539 black with saddle interiors made.... 17 of those did not have hardtops, 93 didn't have the SST, and 10 were deluxe instead of premium.
The VIN you gave me, 1FAHP60A83Y105861, premium 2003, black, black hardtop, saddle interior, SST, was one of 428.


I have another favor if you don't mind. I'm trying to figure out how many '03s were produced in the Black / Saddle combination. I have a VIN from '03 with the SST. Although this is not my car, could you run 1FAHP60A83Y105861 through and let me know so I have the production figures for all '03 Black / Saddle Tbirds? Thanks.

sure, eduardo,just visit this page:

Just got a 2004 light ice blue 'bird. Any way to find out total production numbers for 2004? Thanks

wow! rarer than the Neiman Marcus edition and the Inca Gold!

OOPS!!! My error, sorry, Yes there were 20 of the 2005 Blacks made with Silver hardtops...

mmm, yes, it was available for the black.

No black 2005s were built with silver hardtops... that wasn't an allowable option was it?

Quickdraw, How many Black 2005s were sold with silver hardtops?

I think I figured it out, Harry.

My Mother is a gorgeous avid Georgia Bulldog Football Fan and her custom, classic Bulldog Red Thunderbird was stolen at a mall here in Warner Robins thursday in broad daylight. I just wanted to have some ideas of what I could do about her loss as the police report want be ready until Tuesday. Any information on stolen cars and where I could find the car or what they do with it after they zip the window and hotwire it.... would be greatly appreciated. I am sad because that TBird was her baby and she just recently was in hospital....driving for the first time. God Is My Pilot. Thanks for letting me share. In addition, any suggestions, photo's,keychain, women TBird memorablia brochures or emails would be awesome. Thanks again, Donna (sad)

Dot, Thank you for the web addresses. I knew Ford didn't keep track of where the numbered cars are, I am hoping to find their location etc.,(for fun and curiosity) hopefully starting with the sites you provided me.Tks for fast answer. Oh,ignore vin#'s :)

Connecticut may not have lots of Birds, but there are three within about 4 blocks here in West Hartford. A Torch Red 2002, a Merlot (2003?) and mine, an Evening Black 2003.

The funniest part is I knew both the other owners before I moved to the neighborhood and before we all owned Thunderbirds! I guess great minds think alike.

Loreen, Ford didn't keep track of the glove box serial numbers but you may find other owners of the cashmere special edition on the two forums on the web: or

I am new to this great site! I purchased an 05 T-Bird Limited edition this past October. Cashmere color w/hard top etc. It is beautiful. I have number 325 of 1500 made of this color. I would like to find out where the other numbers are! Is there any way I can do this through this site? TKS!! Loreen

Wow, thanks for that info Harry. We enjoyed meeting you too and hope to see you again soon. I took my 76 year old mother for a ride today. She was in 7th heaven too:) I don't think she's been in a convertible in over 30 years.


It was nice meeting you & Frank last night...
Heres some data on your car...
Order Date: 5/16/2002
Date Built: 6/19/2002
At Dealer: 7/1/2002
Sold Date: 9/28/2002

Your 2002 Premium Thunderbird Blue/Blue hardtop/full color interior is one of 3,776 made like that.

Not Sunday, tonight! But we are there just about every Saturday night. Got the new baby home safe and sound:)

Alison, Family obligations will probably prevent me from meeting you this Sunday but Im availabe the rest of the year.
Hi Skip! Good to see you! I miss you guys too.

Popular days for ordering and taking home a 2002-2005 Thunderbird:


BUYING..(taking home):

Harry, missing you on TBT,RBS said I might find you here.
Glad you and Dot put this together.
I saw George and Dot at the picnic last Sunday, they had the inca; George still had the top up when we met at Starbucks to cruise up there together, he got enough grief there to "Re-Engineer" the trunk space so they could put it down.

It used to be called Alexanders. 9144 Indianapolis in Highland. We get there about 6:30. Would love to meet you!

If I knew where it was and about what time you'd be there I might get a chance to drive by & say hello. But I can't find Theos address, would it be under another name?

I am getting it from a private party in Highland Park, IL. We have dinner just about every Saturday at Theos on Indianapolis Blvd. in Highland. Hope to have the car there this Saturday!!

I just moved from Lansing to St John, IN but my Lansing house hasn't sold yet... where are you buying your 2002 "Thunderbird Blue"? (not turquise ). I need to find out if my wife is selling mine without telling me because I have the same color.... Are you are getting it from a dealer with some sort of warranty or private party?

I meant to say that I live about 2 miles from there.

Yep, Gaety's right on Ridge Road... Are you from Lansing or still there?

Quickdraw what is this about Lansing, IL? Do you mean Gaety's Ice Cream? I'm about 2 miles from there! I'm picking up my 2002 turquoise bird this Saturday!! Your website is a wealth of wonderful information!! Can you tell I'm excited??

Hey Rusty, looks like the surf will be up with that storm building in the atlantic. Make sure you dry your board before putting it in your front seat . . . otherwise you will have the only grey with the sand interior :)

It's often been said that you can get the best deals on the last day of the month. For whatever reasons, eight of the top 10 days for Thunderbird sales came on the last day of the month.
Date Sold___# Sold

quickdraw - I'm on vacation all the time - just traveling too much lately. Rusty, glad to see you pop in and check this out with your usual sense of humor.
Since being up here, we've seen 3 early 'birds on the road and only two retrobirds. Should see more on Sunday in the little town of Eatonville, WA

Rusty!! I didn't know you cruise Lansing, IL, please stop in for some ice cream. Oh.... you meant you cruise those six blocks in New Jersey...?

Not to mention an additional out-of-town, but still local grey one that occasionally cruises through with a surfboard sticking out of the passenger seat.

Thank you Bill, Dot is the knowledgeable one... I just look things up. She's on vacation and I've been busy lately so posts are sparse right now.
You must be in the high rent district (grin). We don't have that many Thunderbirds in my city of 30,000.

Great to see you and Dot have a Blog. IMO you 2 are the most knowledgable and helpful Tbirders around.

In my small town in NJ - 6 blocks square - we have 5 Retro birds - blue - black - red - grey - cashmere

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